Feedback Is Always Welcome

Happy, Happy, HappyI love getting feedback from the words I post here on this blog. This has been a learning experience for me as expected and as my tagline says, “There is always more to be learned.”

I am writing today to say thank you for all those who have read any of my musings here and commented whether that be online here, on Facebook, or in person. They do mean a lot to me and are appreciated. As is mentioned in my About information,  I hope something might resonate with you and be worth thinking about, commenting on, agreeing with, disagreeing with, or sharing, or all of the above. That certainly has been the case for many of the posts I have made here and, did I say I appreciate that? Well I do.

Bad Information – Misconceptions

I received what I believe is my first phone call directly related to a post last Wednesday after my Two Questions post which was also published as a letter to the editor in the Southeast Sun as Two questions to ask of the superintendent candidatesI am not sure if the caller read the post here or there but, he did not specify. In any case, it did generate a phone call. I enjoy all kinds of feedback because that is the only way I will learn if what I write is being interpreted as I intended when I wrote it. This feedback was certainly interesting.

The caller had obviously been fed some bad information about this blog and what I do and if one person can have an incorrect perception others can to so I thought I would take this opportunity to clear up any misconceptions. He had seriously flawed information about where these words originate.

As stated in my About information, In this blog I will be posting my thoughts and observations on life from my own Peculiar Perspective, what was once common sense in my opinion. That was the intent of this blog when it started and is still true today and will be true with any future post you see here. If someone does tell you otherwise, as I told the caller last Wednesday, you have received bad information from that someone.

The Call

The caller disagreed with what I wrote about the agreement between the City of Enterprise and the School Board regarding bond financing and repayment and any amendment made since December 2008. As I told him if I learn the original agreement has been amended as described I will post that here and, as far as I am concerned, that issue would be resolved. His primary concern was whose idea the amendment was which I told him was irrelevant to me. My feelings were and still are it was a good idea and, if implemented, will resolve the issue.

I believe and try to live by the Ronald Reagan quote,

“There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

This did not appear to be a belief of the caller.

Interestingly, the caller did not have an issue with anything else I wrote in that post. I will not bore you with the other things said but it was an interesting and entertaining call.

I am paying for this web site

As long as my picture and my name are here you can count on any words here, unless they are quotes from someone else which I always try to note accurately, will be mine as well. Otherwise you will not see my name on it. If I do make a mistake in quoting someone or any other information that I find later to be inaccurate I will correct it. To date, that has not been an issue. I stand behind what I have written.

Similar to Ronald Reagan’s quote in the New Hampshire primary in 1980 when he said,

I am paying for this microphone” Ronald Reagan_Paying for this microphone_6-7-2015 11-09-22 PM

I am paying for this web site and therefore any posts here are mine unless otherwise noted.

To the caller

To the caller, if you happen to read this, as I told you on the phone, I suggest you check the source of your information as it is not reliable. I would tell that source the same thing if they chose to call as well instead of having someone else call for them.

Until next time…

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 11/16/2013