Welcome Dr. Wright

We Are EnterpriseWelcome to Enterprise Dr. Wright!

I can only speak for myself but my gut feeling is the entire community welcomes you. I am confident as you begin to meet more of these citizens of Enterprise you will continue to be impressed by their love of Enterprise and Enterprise City Schools, support for the Superintendent, and their desire to see Enterprise City Schools continue to be one of the best in the state of Alabama and the reason so many families, who do have a choice, choose Enterprise for the education of their children.

I would also like to commend the Enterprise City Board of Education in making your selection. I believe it was a very good choice from an impressive group of candidates for this important position.

I was impressed by the way you handled yourself in your public interview and the experience in education and leadership you bring with you as you take over the leadership of the Enterprise City Schools. All of the candidates were asked about the role of the School Board in relation to the Superintendent and all answered similarly as you did. The board sets policy and the superintendent implements the policy in the manner they choose and believe is best. You also added the board should listen to the community. You also indicated your first goal here would be to “find out where you are.”

My second goal in writing this post was to help you achieve that first goal. My first goal in writing this post was to welcome you, in case that was not obvious.

I trust you will be able to follow through with your role unencumbered by micro-management or unwarranted influence from the board. If you are able to get the board to listen to the community you will have achieved something the community has been unable to achieve for the past six months. I assume you are aware of the circumstances that created the search for a new superintendent but, if not, please talk with some of the people involved and no longer serving on the board  or as superintendent and get their side of the story. You will be better prepared for some of the challenges you face in your new role if you do.

In case you want a pretty good summary of these events from my observations and news media you can take a look at some of my previous posts on the subject.

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Feedback Is Always Welcome

You also mentioned communication with the community as being important in the role of superintendent. I hope you will maintain open communications with the community and specifically communicate exactly what the Alabama College and Career Readiness or Common Core State Standards is and how it is different from Common Core. There is an article related to that issue in this edition of this paper but it does not answer all of my questions. I would like to know more and suspect others would also.

I also hope you will learn more about the financial agreement between Board Of Education and the City of Enterprise and move to bring a resolution to this issue in 2014 and not wait until 2016 as the President of the School Board and city officials have indicated is their preference. There has been a simple solution suggested that will resolve this issue. See Overtime! or Two Questions for more details.

It would only take the city and school board getting together with their lawyers to write the amendment and sign it. My initial thought was city officials might not want to wait until 2016 and make this an election issue but on second thought that may be their intent – to use this as a re-election issue for their benefit. If the intent is really to resolve the issue as both parties have stated publicly it is, there is no reason it cannot be done in 2014.

Again, welcome to Enterprise! As you said as you ended your remarks. “We are Enterprise.” My hope and prayer is for your success here in Enterprise as that would also be a success for Enterprise and most importantly, the current and future students of Enterprise City Schools.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 12/05/2013