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I am just one person who observes and shares what I see here occasionally with my thoughts and just as importantly, questions. In conversations with many of you I have learned it does make you think or affirms what you already think or believe. I do appreciate that and you, the readers. I also understand why you don’t feel comfortable to share your thoughts about this blog or many other issues publicly. I plan to post more on that particular subject in an upcoming post.

If you have read many of my posts you know I often encourage you to get involved in the political process and make changes if you don’t like or agree with what is going on in our city, or at the county, state and federal level of government as well. Along those lines, I have recently learned of a new organization created in Enterprise named Take Back Enterprise that will help you do just that and become a more informed citizen and, hopefully, voter.

Take Back Enterprise will expand what I do to a much deeper level with research and analysis and its focus will be on elected officials and decisions made in the governance of Enterprise.

I thought this might interest you too. Keep reading and make your own decision.

The What

Take Back Enterprise is a 501(c)(4) organization. A 501(c)(4) is a non-profit organization created to provide information to the public about issues, voting records, etc.  A 501(c)(4) is prohibited from actively engaging in politics as its primary function and can maintain donor anonymity. Their donors are not disclosed to anyone. 

This differs from 527 organizations or PACs, which I am sure you have heard of, which are formed with political activity as their primary purpose and must disclose the identity of its donors.

The Why

Here is their purpose statement.

TBE Mission Stmt01


The purpose statement goes on to say, Take Back Enterprise will accomplish this by performing the research necessary to gather the facts and will then inform the citizens through advertising and community forums.  Take Back Enterprise’s work will be performed entirely by un-paid volunteers and when necessary may employ the assistance of paid contractors that specialize in marketing and research.”

The Who

The principals and board members of this organization are Turner Townsend, Reid Clark, Mark Jipson, and Michael Townsend and they are looking for others to join with them in this endeavor.

The result of gathering and sharing this information will be a much more informed citizenry better able to choose those elected to lead our city. This information will either benefit the current elected officials in presenting their case for re-election or benefit anyone wanting to challenge them in the next election. Regardless, the citizens will be better informed and making informed decisions with their votes which is the goal.

The facts are what they are and are stubborn things.

The When

The when is now.

The next city election is just a little over a year away in August 2016.

The Where and The How

This is an effort to create that “informed citizenry.” It will take funds to gather, analyze, and provide this information. The principals have already made the initial investments to get this organization established. They will need help from citizens like us to sustain it and keep it moving forward effectively. The easiest and most effective way you can get involved and help is through your financial support. You can do that by sending your contributions to:



Contributions are not tax deductible and any amount will help so don’t think whatever you can give is too small. If you have any questions or want to volunteer to help in any way you can also contact them at the above address. Of course you can also talk to any of the board members as you see them around town. They will be glad to discuss and share their vision in more detail.

Anyone can participate

Whether you live here now or not if you do consider Enterprise your home – maybe you grew up here or this was one of the stops along your life’s journey – YOU can get involved as well. 


I know many of you are frustrated with what you see going on around you and that frustration is magnified by not being able to speak freely about what you see. Supporting Take Back Enterprise is one way you can get involved which can help with some of that frustration. YOUR participation will give you hope that better days are ahead. YOU can be part of making that happen, AND you can maintain your anonymity which I know is important for you too.

Help Turn the Lights On!

I chose the fog in the images above to represent the “transparency” in government. It is really more opaque than transparent. I see Take Back Enterprise as the light in these images, shining the light through the fog so all can see more clearly. Where you can participate is helping provide the funds to pay for the electricity to turn these lights on and keep them burning.

I encourage you to get involved and get informed.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 3/22/2015


7 thoughts on “Take Back Enterprise”

    1. My pleasure Judy. I am looking forward to what Take Back Enterprise is able to provide and hope you can get involved and support their efforts. I think it will be eye opening for a lot of people in Enterprise.

    1. My pleasure Sue.Thanks for stopping by, reading, and taking the time to comment. As mentioned in the blog, actual written comments are few and far between for obvious or maybe not so obvious reasons. I plan to write a little more about that and make the reason more obvious in one of my next posts. I am looking forward to what Take Back Enterprise will provide for our community and hope you can be involved and support their efforts too.

  1. Another very thoughtful piece, Stan. This one has come at an especially good time for me as I continue to do soul searching with regard to the meaning and the means to good citizenship. Without professing a political party, our country would not be in its current state had not we the people in recent years become complacent to the extent of allowing government to do our thinking and our acting for us. Any elected official at any level of government, but particularly here at home, who shuns the call for accountability ( “transparency”) has something to hide. Unfortunately, we are to a point where the efforts of “Take Back Enterprise” are being welcomed by the vast majority. Myself included. And if in the end we are proven wrong, then shame on us.

    1. Thanks Bob. I do hope Take Back Enterprise is welcomed and supported and people understand just reading a blog and agreeing with it will not accomplish anything. I agree that complacency is the root of many of our problems. If this is done right, we will all be better off regardless of what the facts reveal.

      Have you ever thought of starting your own blog? There is plenty of room out here in the blogosphere for more, like you, to share your well-reasoned thoughts.

      1. Stan, as long as you continue to stimulate my thinking to the point of having me respond, I’m not sure I need to do any blogging…or clogging of my own! Although I try to do as much of my own thinking as a feeble mind can muster, I agree with you whole heartedly on most, if not all, of your
        thinking. Thanks more than you know for always being fairminded and for setting a Godly example for us – for me.

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