Ben should have just lied

If you are following the political news you are aware there is a story this week that has been identified, reported, hijacked and distorted. I wrote about it in my last blog post Cruz – Big Winner or Big Loser? (UPDATE)I am not going to rehash the facts again here. I do find many of the reactions to the story concerning as many in America have chosen settling for the status quo over aspiring to be the best we can be.

After hearing some of the commentary by many this week I think I have the gist of their suggestions and solutions.

Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign should have just lied or refused to answer the question when asked what his plans were immediately after the Iowa Caucus.

That is what I get from the likes of Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Erick Erickson and others. I am just passing along what they said, similar to what the Cruz campaign says they were doing with the CNN story of Ben Carson going home to Florida after the Iowa Caucus.

This whole incident could have been avoided

You see, if the Carson campaign had just lied or refused to answer, as most in politics would have done there would be no confusion and no story. Apparently the ethics of the Carson campaign are in line with Dr. Carson.

In case you haven’t been following the presidential campaigns, Dr. Carson is in this race to fight against and change the status quo that is now considered by many as “politics as usual” or “Washington ethics.” It seems the truth confuses both the media and politicians. The fact that Dr. Carson continues to use this strange tactic is something they don’t know how to deal with or respond to. It also validates his oft repeated statement that he is not a politician and never plans to be one.

The entire Cruz-Carson Iowa Caucus story from Dr. Carson’s perspective is about right and wrong, also a troubling and often foreign subject for most in politics and news media.

It never was about him winning the Caucus if the Cruz campaign had not aggressively pushed their narrative about part of a CNN story. That aspect is what was hijacked by Donald Trump and distorted and then picked up by news media and pundits. They created this 25,000 vote straw man and attacked the straw man saying Dr. Carson would not have won if this had not been done and for that reason it doesn’t matter. He should just “man up” or “grow up” or “suck it up” and accept this as, again, “politics as usual.”

It never was about whether what the Cruz campaign did was legal or illegal.

If, as a leader, you condone unethical actions performed by those you lead that says something about your ethics and your leadership. Ted Cruz told Dr. Carson when they spoke he did not know about and did not agree with these kinds of actions. However, his decision, after that phone call, to defend his team’s actions indicate otherwise. Actions do speak louder than words. Apparently the ethics of the Cruz campaign are in line with Ted Cruz.

I cannot interpret this incident for you and would never presume to. For me it is clear and brings up another question. If he is willing to go this far to try to win the Iowa Caucus how far will he go when more, much more, is at stake? You will have to answer that one for yourself.

If Dr. Carson or his campaign by proxy had just chosen to act like a politician and lie when asked about his post Iowa plans then, in theory anyway, this story would not exist. They chose not to. That makes him stand out from all other choices you have in this presidential election.

 You do have an alternative to politics as usual

If you want someone who is a politician and practices “politics as usual” then you have several to choose from.

If, on the other hand, you want someone to lead our country who is not a politician, with a lifetime of achievements outside of politics, whose integrity is the cornerstone of his life and his campaign, and has real solutions to the problems facing our country in (you can go to and read them) then I believe you have only one choice – Dr. Ben Carson.

Ben Carson_doing what is right

Until next time…

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8 thoughts on “Ben should have just lied”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for defending the honor of a very honorable man.

    I have been a great admirer of Dr. Carson, ever since his courageous truth-to-power speech in front of the President at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast. Since then, I have followed him, read a couple of his books, met him, listened to him speak at several of his appearances in the state of New Hampshire, learned about his story, and have been inspired by his message. Throughout this process, I feel I’ve gotten to know Dr. Carson pretty well.

    I am the middle-aged wife of a retired Marine Corps Veteran/Pilot, mother to two young adult children, a registered Independent voter since the early 1980’s, and a proud American who loves this country. I am also a woman who carries deep concern for her children’s future and for the world they will inherit when I am gone. For me, the time for standing quietly by on the sidelines, watching as the calamity of the last several years has unfolded, hoping for things to get better, has past. For the first time in my adult life, I am standing up: stepping out reluctantly, but determinedly, from beneath my shell, in the hope of educating others; actively volunteering independently in any way I can on Dr. Carson’s behalf. I have never been employed by, or paid by, any campaign organization or group.

    One of my primary incentives to act is propelled by my belief in Dr. Carson and in knowing that he will serve as the catalyst of positive change for a nation that I believe has lost its way. His superlative record of past accomplishment; his wise and productive leadership; his compassion and generous devotion to charity and service; his commitment to excellence and his tireless advocacy for the quality education of our nation’s youth, understanding that education is paramount to their future success and to the future success of this nation; his sense of fairness; his quiet strength and determination; his civility; his love for America and solemn respect for our Constitution and founding principles; his common sense solutions to address the problems we face as a nation; his refusal to accept funding for his campaign from big corporations, special interest groups, and the like, that would seek to curry favor by doing so in an unethical attempt to inappropriately influence his leadership and circumvent our Constitutional system of governance…in other words, a refusal to render himself beholden to anyone; his unwavering belief that We The People represent the pinnacle of power in this nation and that the government’s function is to serve the people…not rule over them; and, above all, his honesty and integrity, are the many characteristics that define Ben Carson and assure me that I can trust and rely upon him to HEAL this nation, REVIVE this nation, and UNITE this nation. He will be the President we can ALL be proud of.

    I encourage anyone reading this comment to access the following Youtube link and listen to Dr. Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast speech. This is the Ben Carson that the media has tried hard to hide from the voters…the Ben Carson that everyone really needs to know…particularly those voters in New Hampshire, before they head off to the polls tomorrow to cast their vote:

    Link to video:

    In specific regard to your post, I view the gross manipulation, in which the political elite and the mainstream media have clearly engaged, as a true injustice–an unethical travesty perpetrated upon Dr. Carson, and a shameful disservice to the voting populace who have been denied a media complex and politicians they can trust to tell them the truth.

    If this charade is to become the accepted process going forward by which we will choose our candidates, we are, in effect, giving over our ability to choose our candidates for OURSELVES and are letting the political elites and media do it FOR us. This unethical state of affairs is a consequence of the disturbing, growing, and increasingly tolerated lack of civility and disregard for fair play that has infected this country … particularly over the last several years since President Obama took office. If we allow the current state of affairs to go unchecked, the implications that this will have for the future of our country are dire. America better wake up and stand up to this manipulation…and we better do it fast. Somewhere along the way, we as a country, to a large extent, relinquished our civic responsibility of educating ourselves, thinking for ourselves, and coming to our own conclusions. Regrettably, what we have chosen to do instead is let power-hungry government elites, the largely liberally-biased media, the largely liberally-biased academic complex, and the largely liberally-biased world of pop culture do all the thinking for us–an error in judgement that we may very well regret for decades to come…or, perhaps, even longer. I’m hoping it’s not too late to turn the ship around. It’s all up to us.

    1. Wow. I thought I knew a lot about Dr. Carson before I ready your comments. Keep spreading the word. As Dr. Carson said we are only in the 1st inning. Thank your husband for his service. It’s not too late to turn the ship around if more people will follow your example. I have that prayer breakfast speech on my blog in the sidebar too if you view it on a computer. I don’t think it shows up for mobile viewers.

      1. Thank you…

        I noticed your link to the speech immediately after I posted my comment. I apologize for the redundancy.

        Again, I am so grateful for your efforts and insight.

        All the best.

      2. By the way, is there a way to change the profile icon (or whatever it’s called) that appears next to my name? It seems a bit inhospitable…hahaha!

        1. It would depend on how you logged in to make the comment I believe. If you logged in with Facebook or Twitter it would bring that icon. If you just logged in with an email address you should be able to go to your account settings and upload a profile picture.
          If you didn’t log in at all then I am not sure. That might be all you get.

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