Open Letter to Primary Voters

I have had several folks ask me both in person and on social media if a vote for the candidate I support for President would be a wasted vote as many in the media and so-called “expert” pundits would like folks to believe. Have you ever noticed many of these pundits are from failed campaigns, experienced in losing? Some might have had success once but their predictions since that one time have been wrong much more often than right.

Do you trust your vote with what they are telling you? I don’t.

This is my plea for you to consider joining me in making your own decision on who you will vote FOR in the presidential primary when it comes time for you to vote in your state. The primaries are the only place We The People have a chance to vote FOR the person we think would make the best president. We usually have more choices. Once the two major parties have selected their nominee we are down to voting for the lesser of two evils or against the other party’s candidate, or, as many have chosen the past few years, not voting at all.

The only chance we have to affect our choices in November is to make our voices heard during the primaries.

That means voting for the candidate you think will make the best president and the one you would be proud representing you, as an American, on the world stage. Vote for the candidate you think has the most critical decision making experience and the judgement to make the best decisions with the information available at the time.

Don’t allow the media, pundits, and even candidate themselves to tell you how to vote or that a vote for another candidate is wasted. If we listen to those saying, “If you don’t vote for candidate X your vote does not matter” that is backwards. Vote what your heart and conscience tells you. You tell them who you want to be president by your vote. Then, when all the votes are counted, the will of the people will be clear, not the will of the media and pundits. That is how it should work.

For me, the choice in this election is clear and simple.

I voted for Dr. Ben Carson in my state’s primary. It was the proudest vote I have cast for a president since the one I cast for Ronald Reagan in 1980. If all of us who say we like or love Ben Carson vote for him the vote totals will astound the media and so-called experts. If my state had not voted yet I would still vote for Dr. Carson. He is the only one I could really vote FOR. He will still be on the ballot.

Ben Carson_Anything is Possible

If you are one of the “I like Ben Carson but...” voters and believe the media and vote for someone else you are allowing them to tell you who to vote for. Don’t do it! Don’t let them manipulate you to help make their forecasts come true. I urge you to join me and be an, “I like Ben Carson and I voted for him in the primary” voter.

Even if your choice is not Dr. Ben Carson, if you listen to your heart and vote for the candidate you really want to win then you will walk away from the polling place with a clear conscience knowing you did what you could do with your vote to elect the candidate of your choice. To me, anything other than that is a wasted vote.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 02/28/2016




7 thoughts on “Open Letter to Primary Voters”

  1. I copied and pasted on to an email to get the word out.
    I wish we could write in the Sky : “Vote with your heart, not with what you are told to do!”

  2. Thank You! I am going to vote for Ben here in AZ even if I have to write him in, which most people don’t know you can do. Dr. Carson was the only canidate that even acted like a gentleman and a states man. How did we get to the point where we don’t know quality when we see it.

  3. I live in California where the election will already be decided but I will still write in Dr. Cason. The only campaign I ever contributed too.

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