Do you ever have any doubts? If you are being honest with yourself I doubt the answer to that question is no. We all have doubts but those doubts are as varied as our own unique personalities. We all face our own doubts in one way or another. We all either let our doubts affect us negatively or work through them and usually emerge stronger on the other side of our doubts.

What is doubt?

Merriam Webster defines doubt as to be uncertain about something, to believe that something may not be true or is unlikely, or to have no confidence in someone or something.

The motivation for me writing about doubt is I am participating in the Writing Contest: Writers Crushing Doubt. Hosted by Positive Writer.

All writers have experienced and worked through or crushed their doubt or have let doubt paralyze them and their writing. I doubt this post will catch on and be a social media sensation like Chewbacca Mask Lady but that is not my goal in writing. My goal is much less lofty but could be just as important as I will try to describe a little later.

We all have doubts

Doubts for writers are not much different than doubts others face every day, like Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? and, one of the most common, Is anyone else experiencing the same doubt as me? I am not sure about the first two but for the last one I am confident the answer is most often yes.

I have written over 100 blog posts in the last 38 months. That is about the pace I set as a goal when I started, about 2-3 a month. This is one of the hardest because its subject is me and my feelings, feelings of doubt. I have written about many life experiences, politics and religion but the topics are most often not about me and my feelings of self-doubt.

I don’t have to think very long or hard to write about a time when I have faced doubt about writing and crushed it. I have clicked the publish button 104 times counting this one on this blog and there has been some doubt involved each time. My doubt might not be what you might initially be thinking. It is rarely about the content but more often about how the content will be received by those who take time from their busy lives to read it. Will it be worthwhile?

In my posts I present facts I have either witnessed myself, researched to confirm their validity if I didn’t witness, or learned in my life experience so far, along with my opinions. The opinions cannot be wrong. You may not agree with them but they are mine. I do try to make it clear where the facts end and my opinions begin. I take pride in writing what is factually correct which often makes it not politically correct. Political correctness is not one of my goals.

So, what do I doubt?

My doubts revolve around how many people will view the post, if any, how many comments it will get, if any, will there be any negative feedback or will there be any feedback at all or will what I write resonate with those who take the time to read it. Is it really worth the time and effort?

To that one…

English: A live Sand dollar, species Mellita q...
English: A live Sand dollar, species Mellita quinquiesperforata (Leske, 1778), at low tide on the beach at Playa Grande on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica 23. February 2005 Sand dollars are flat sea urchins. When you find sand dollars on a beach, the white ones are the old empty shells or tests, having died, lost their covering of velvety spines and having been bleached white by the sun. The live ones are dark and completely covered in very small spines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may have heard this story. I think I first heard it from Zig Ziglar. A man and his son were walking along the beach. Every few steps the man would bend down and pick up a sand dollar and throw it back into the ocean. “Why are you doing that?” his son asked. The father explained, “Sand dollars are living organisms. The tide has gone out and if they are left here on the shore they will die.” The son responded, “But there are hundreds of them here in this section of the beach alone. How can you possibly make a difference?” The father bent down, picked up another sand dollar and threw it into the ocean and said,

I am not trying to change the world with my writing. If what I write strikes a chord with someone and encourages them to act in the face of their own doubt or just find comfort in the realization that someone else shares their thoughts then my goal has been achieved. That is why I push through any doubts I may have and click Publish. In the act of crushing my doubt I may be helping someone else crush their own.

I am not naive enough to believe they all do strike that chord but do believe if I keep writing and clicking Publish, some will, and those that do make all those that don’t worthwhile. There is no doubt about that.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 06/01/2016