The In-Between

The-In-Between-211x300I recently had the opportunity to read a new book by author Jeff Goins. Jeff is one of the reasons I am writing at all. He has encouraged me through his writing on the subject of writing and his blog at If you are a blog reader, and if you are reading this then I guess you are, take a look and see if his blog interests you. If you subscribe to his newsletter you can get a couple of free e-books too.

I pre-ordered The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing [A Spiritual Memoir]which allowed me to get a copy of the e-book early since the official release date is tomorrow so that is how I can review the book before it is released.

The premise of the book is revealed in the title. It is talking about the in-between times of life, where we spend most of our lives.

Some things in life are worth waiting for. In fact the time you spend waiting might be the best times of your life. You have probably heard quote,

“Life is what happens while you are making plans.” ~John Lennon~

Well, this book from Jeff Goins is a good reminder of the truth of that statement.

It is not that we shouldn’t make plans and plan for the future and big things. It is just that we should enjoy the time between those big things because that is where we spend most of our lives.

If you like love stories there is something in this book for you.

 ~Jeff Goins, The In-Between~

Jeff describes his story of falling in love with his wife, love for his wife, his son, and some unrelated people he has met along his life’s journey so far that have impacted his life. It is a memoir so the stories he describes are real and compelling.

If you like life stories there is something in this book for you.

 ~Jeff Goins, The In-Between~

We all have the same number of hours in our days and how we choose to spend those hours is a choice we make every day. Sometimes, being reminded of this with experiences from others is the impetus we need to make positive changes in our own lives. This book could have that effect for you.

If you are afraid of being challenged by what you read then this book is not for you.

 ~Jeff Goins, The In-Between~

Honesty is not what we always want to hear, especially if it is about us. It is hard to face our own shortcomings and make the changes that will ultimately help us. Unfinishedness to me is just another way of saying; God is not done with me yet. That is a good reminder we all need from time to time as well. However I am not sure if you would get any Scrabble points for it.

Jeff shares his heart and his story in a compelling and entertaining style. There are stories of international travel, weddings, funerals, birth, life, and death and the lessons Jeff has learned from each of those life events that can help us as readers along our own journey too.

The book is about the in-between waiting times but since you haven’t read it yet, don’t wait! Get this book now and learn or be reminded, in an entertaining way, these in-between times are the times of your life. Don’t miss them.

If you are interested in other perspectives, Jeff has them listed here     

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 8/1/2013.


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