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I saw this quote the other day on one of my information feeds and it resonated with me in regards to the ongoing relationship or lack thereof between the leadership of the Enterprise City School Board and the citizens of Enterprise.


The quote is, “Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living.”

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Based on his inaction so far I just do not see any change forthcoming from the President of the School Board. Short of some type of legal proceeding brought by someone to remove him from his position I believe he will be in this position until next June and a board member until his term ends on June 30, 2016.

I could be wrong. I would like to be wrong but that is my assessment of the situation as it stands today. I have not seen any indication from the president in the meetings I have attended since June that he has any desire to build or re-build a positive, constructive, working relationship with the citizens of Enterprise.

From his perspective he apparently doesn’t believe he has done anything to create the current environment void of those characteristics and doesn’t see any reason to try to change that perception or environment.

From my perspective, as a concerned parent and citizen, I have to conclude, as many others have, Mr. Cotter did play a role in the resignation of Dr. Milner since he has said nothing to dispute this and has had numerous opportunities to do so.

That being said, we, the parents and citizens of Enterprise, are left with a decision. Do we move on as expressed above or continue to hope we will see a resignation at the next board meeting, then the next, and then the next, etc. that is likely never to materialize?

I believe we must move forward. What else can we do? Maybe I am the one late to the party here and everyone else had already reached this conclusion. In any case I am there now.

Moving Forward

My feelings about what has occurred have not changed. I have tried to make my thoughts clear on this in my previous posts A City DividedShadow of Doubt, and Overtime!

However, if my instincts are correct as expressed above I believe we, the citizenry of Enterprise are going to have to, in a manner of speaking, give up the baby in order to save it. That is a reference to a story in 1 Kings 3 about Solomon, a sword, two mothers and a baby. The baby is this scenario is the city of Enterprise which is now split over this situation.

The only way we can move forward with the business that needs to be addressed by this body is to be the ones who love the city and school system enough to accept what has happened and work to ensure it does not happen again.

There is really nothing that can be done to change what has already happened or the makeup of the board at this time, short of the president of the board having a sudden change of heart or someone else resigning. That is another subject for another day.

If I am wrong here someone please enlighten me.

Selecting a New Superintendent

The most pressing issue before the board and the city at this time is obviously selecting a new superintendent. Again, there is not much we can do regarding who is selected. We can try to influence the board with our continued presence and questions – hoping for answers – at board meetings, phone calls, letters, or discussions with board members.

In case you missed it, the subject and length of questions or comments at future board meetings is likely to change as indicated in the August 27th meeting BOE discusses public participation changes.

We can hope for and should expect the board will select someone who is qualified, is an independent thinker with enough experience to perform the duties of the superintendent and stand up to any future attempts to overreach or micro-manage by any member of the school board.

With the leadership of the new superintendent along with the two newest board members and existing board members, who have insisted they are independent thinkers too, the role and influence of the president can be minimized. I know this might be idealistic or “in a perfect world” thinking but I tend to err on the optimistic side until I am forced to do otherwise.

We had that type of superintendent with Dr. Milner. He did stand up and do what he had to do in order to bring this situation to light. It often takes a bold move, such as a resignation, to bring issues that exist behind the scenes in any organization to the light of day. His resignation as well as those of Mr. Stewart and Mr. Sawyer, as much as it was painful for them, their families, friends and the city of Enterprise did bring the situation to light.

The quote again is, “Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living.” We cannot change what happened and will not forget it but we do have to continue living and move forward with our eyes wide open. We do need to move forward.

How To Contact Board Members

The information below is available online the City of Enterprise web site under Municipal Boards so it is public information. For convenience I have listed the information here too. They have asked us to call them and complained that no one had called them prior to Dr. Milner’s resignation to let them know there was a problem so that indicates they do want to hear from the people.

If you have something constructive to say, please exercise your right and honor their request to contact them.

Enterprise City Board of Education

Ross Cotter – June 1, 2011 thru June 30, 2016 – District 3 
1 Ayrshire Drive
Enterprise, AL 36330
C: (334) 447-0239
W: (334) 347-3214

Gloria Jones – June 1, 2012 thru May 31, 2017 – District 2 
503 Cedar
Enterprise, AL 36330
H: (334) 347-9041
W: (334) 475-9041

Bert Barr – June 24, 2013 thru June 24, 2018 – District 5 
114 Aberdeen Avenue
Enterprise, AL 36330
H: (334) 475-0520

Dorothy Richardson – June 1, 2014 thru June 1, 2019 – District 2 
1817 E. Park Avenue
Enterprise, AL 36330
H: (334) 313-6085

C: (334) 347-5294


Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 09/03/2013

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4 thoughts on “Moving On”

  1. Another extremely well conceived,well written expression of thoughts on your part,Stan. And thanks so much for the very gracious spirit in which you shared them. How I wish that simply resolving ourselves to move on from where we are at the present would somehow bring on an instant cure…..however,when we’re dealing with the best interest of 6,600 students,parents,and a community,I do not believe that we have the luxury of waiting until the board president serves out his term,paricularly not when he has had the audacity to say that he will be appointed to yet another term.

    All the while being mindful of Solomon’s sword,two mothers,and the baby….others and I have not given up on having the board president step down before the baby has been split irreparably. Besides,the vast majority in the community know precisely why and with whom the problem has originated and while none of us likes discord,sadly there are just some battles that have to be fought before harmony can be restored.

    God bless you,my good man. Like you noted in your own writing….I hope I’m wrong.

    Bob Phares

    1. Thanks Bob. I have not given up completely either and am glad you and others haven’t. I just don’t see it as likely.

      Keep fighting the fight for “doing right.”

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