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Have you ever had one of “those” moments…when someone else expresses the feelings or beliefs that you share but have never expressed to anyone verbally, except maybe your wife, as I have? Well, that just happened for me.

At the most recent Enterprise City School Board Meeting on September 24th, Perry Vickers spoke and expressed feelings I share and I suspect many other have had and share over the past few months since this issue became public in June.

He cited comments by Mr. Baker, the Interim Superintendent, on multiple occasions and Mr. Hart and indicated his agreement with their comments. However he, like me, noticed their eye contact and direction of the comments were never even directed, much less focused, on any of the board members who were the primary characters involved in this fiasco. They were always looking at the audience in attendance or the TV cameras. Those not on the board had nothing to do with the superintendent resigning in June.

Mr. Vickers stated it very plainly, “Those who have made these comments and who have expressed their displeasure by attending these meetings are not the ones who have caused this.”

It’s as if these board members were not even there and they think someone else was presiding when this happened.

Mr. Vickers hit the nail on the head from my perspective.

Two of these board members chose to make comments in response to Mr. Vickers that really were nonsensical and not relevant. None of the three presiding when this issue surfaced in June, to my knowledge, have either acknowledged they might have contributed to the current situation and obviously, if they haven’t acknowledged their involvement, have made no efforts toward reconciliation. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I have heard nothing such as, “We made mistakes. We hear what the people are saying. We have learned from both and let’s move forward.” from these board members.

Mr. Vickers said many other things that I encourage you to read about or watch the videos when they are available. This is just one that resonated with me since I have had the same thoughts.

I Agree

Though most of what the board members said did not seem relevant to me, I have to give credit where credit is due. Mr. Brown hit the nail on the head with his final statement as well when he said something to the effect of – Those that started this mess are the only ones that can stop this mess.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Brown. What he seems to be oblivious to, or chooses to ignore, is those that started this mess include himself, Ms. Jones, and Mr. Cotter. They are the only ones who can stop this mess and as of this writing have chosen not to do so.

Not going away

They seem to think ignoring their involvement and trying to control comments at future meetings will make this go away. I don’t believe that plan will work if restoring the trust of those they are appointed to serve is one of their goals.

As Mr. Vickers put it, “I can assure you that we will not go away nor will we be silenced. The noise that will be made here will reverberate all the way down to city hall.”

Meetings will go on. Decisions will be made. However, the trust of the people they are appointed to serve will not be part of either.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 09/26/2013

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  1. Stan,I have a question/thought/proposal for you. Will you send me your regular email address so I might bounce it all off of your good-thinking head? If you do so,I’ll message you tomorrow morning.

    Thanks and God bless.


  2. Would love to be copied on your posts. My daughter currently sends to me. I agree with the “good-thinking head” assessment and value your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Judi. If you scroll down on the right side of the blog and look for SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL and enter your email address and click subscribe that should get you signed up to receive an email with any future posts. thanks for your interest.

      On a different subject but one I know we share as well, I posted my first YouTube video last night of one of my favorite plays from last night’s game here http://youtu.be/SX7My1-84yw.

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