I Imagine NOT

Have you ever watched an episode of any of the various CSI or Law and Order shows on TV? If you haven’t I would be interested to know how you have avoided that. It seems like there is one on every network every night. There have been many to choose from, CSI, CSI New York, Law and Order (the original), Law and Oder SVU and CSI Miami are some that come to mind. I am sure there are or will be others. Which one really doesn’t matter. They all have the similar formats.

I have and do watch some of these. I watched CSI New York because I like Gary Sinese. I watched CSI Miami because I enjoyed the “dramedy” of David Caruso and that special moment when he removed his sunglasses and uttered those profound statements of the obvious.

What stands out to me is the imagination these guys that work in the crime labs possess. You can tell when the music track of the week starts we are about to see what they are thinking and learning from their lab work. They can re-enact the entire crime with a clarity and detail that is seen, well, only on TV or in the movies.

I have never really thought my imagination was one of my strongest qualities or talents. I suppose I do have one but I am a computer programmer so I deal with minute details of writing code or statements that tell a computer exactly what it must do in order to achieve the desired calculation, result, or output. I suppose that does require some level of imagination to imagine the desired result I am trying to achieve with the code I write. However, it doesn’t rise anywhere near the level of these CSI investigators.

I have always been in awe of and amazed of individuals that do possess such vivid and active imaginations. The people who create all of the attractions and rides at Disney Land and Walt Disney World are called Imagineers. They also amaze me with the things they come up with.

When we were building our house a couple of years ago I had the plans and visited the site almost every day to check on the progress, or lack thereof, but I still had trouble visualizing or imagining the finished product we live in today.

The difference in Imagineers and CSI actors is pretty obvious. On CSI they are “imagining” what a script told them to imagine. Actually, they are not imagining anything at all. We are just watching a video. I guess that would make the script writers the true creators of this imagination. The Imagineers at Disney are creating something new from a movie or concept and that requires true imagination.

I guess all I am really trying to say here is I have a lot of respect for those who do possess this type of imagination since I don’t possess it myself. I wish I did. You could call that imagination envy. I am an “imaginenvyer”. See, I can’t even imagine a good word there.

I am like Winnie The Pooh…Think…Think…Think…but nothing comes to mind.

I have trouble imagining what my next blog post is going to be about, one reason it has been so long since my last post.

I don’t have any profound meaning I expect anyone to extract from this post. Maybe you can imagine something. If you do, please let me know in the comments.

I guess I just wanted to let any of you out there who do possess the skill of imagination I respect what you are able to do an awful lot. If you have this talent and have never considered how lucky or blessed you are. Stop a minute and reflect on that. Not everyone can do what you do and some of us are envious. Be thankful.

Until next time…

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