My Vote Matters

If you are following the news this political season at all you have seen many instances of someone telling voters, “Vote for me if you want your vote to count. If you vote for (insert your candidate here) your vote will be wasted because (insert your candidate here) cannot win.” That is just one of the many lies you will hear politicians playing the politics as usual game, using lies and half-truths and deception to get your vote.

I am not buying what they are trying to sell.

Whether you let the establishment of either major party or the news media (all news media) tell you who can win and therefore who you should or should not vote for is your choice. I hope you don’t fall for the lies they are telling either.

If anyone reads this and does decide to take their vote seriously, do their own research and vote for the candidate that most closely matches their values and beliefs then it will have been well worth my time.

The primaries are where we get to express our opinion by voting for the candidate of our choice. Until the votes are cast it is all just a lot of hot air (other words or phrases work well here too). Voters have the best chance to make changes during the primaries as there are more choices making it more likely you can find one to support enthusiastically and vote FOR instead of voting AGAINST or SETTLING for the lesser of two evils in the general election.

I have written before

I have written before about why Independents Do Not Decide Elections and why maybe you should not vote in Maybe You Shouldn’t VoteI hope you are not a robot voter, low-information voter or single social issue voter as described in these previous posts. I hope if you do vote you will make yourself an educated and informed voter before you head to your polling place.


Fish lures are often shiny objects and when the fish take the bait it doesn’t end well for them.

 Vote for the candidate that has the character, integrity (See Integrity Matters), experience (See Experience Matters), judgement and plans for the problems, issues and opportunities facing America in the years ahead, such as appointing Supreme Court Justices.

It is time to support the candidate you can really support and you would like to see leading our country. My vote counts regardless of the pundits and politicians telling me it doesn’t unless I vote for “their” candidate.

If your first choice candidate is no longer in the race I welcome and encourage you to keep reading and consider joining We The People supporting Dr. Ben Carson. We would love to have you!

If your candidate is still in the race and you are open to learning and new ideas that might surprise you, please keep reading.

I don’t presume my writing is persuasive enough to make you change your mind. However, if you do read the ideas and plans Dr. Carson has developed some of those might very well make you come to a new decision based on new information. So read at your own risk.

Dr. Ben Carson is my choice

I have done my research and Dr. Ben Carson is my choice. He is the first candidate I have been really excited about supporting this early in the process since Ronald Reagan. I will support him regardless of all the pundits ignoring him, telling him it can’t be done, other candidates lying to steal his votes in Iowa and now in South Carolina, and my vote is wasted if I vote for him because he “cannot win.” He has my support because I think he is the only candidate who has a realistic chance to bring unity to America again and is the only one willing to look at the problems America faces without the overriding concern of how fixing the problem will affect his re-election.

He IS the alternative to the status quo of politics as usual in America. He IS NOT a politician and has no plans to become one.

Are you tired of politics as usual?

If you are tired of politicians, both Republican and Democrats just “kicking the can down the road” past the next election instead of making the tough decisions needed to solve the problems facing America you should take a closer look at Dr. Ben Carson.

Ben Carson_American deserves leaders_2016-02-15_11-32-52


If you want the status quo of politics as usual to continue vote for a politician. If you are tired of politics as usual you do have an alternative this year and that alternative is Dr. Ben Carson. He is the conservative that can be trusted and will be accountable to We The People, and that is all of us, Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Socialists, Libertarians and Independents, and any others I might have missed. He will be beholden to no special interests or large donors as most others will be if they are elected. Dr. Carson stated this well in his closing remarks in the last debate. Watch at the link below.

Ben Carson Closing Statement – GOP Debate Feb. 13, 2016

I hope America can look back on this point in history one day and say “I am glad we did” instead of “I wish we had.”

My vote matters and I will be saying I am glad I did. I invite you to join me. In case my point has been missed,

YOUR vote matters too!

Use it wisely.

Dr. Ben Carson – Unfiltered

Take a look at Dr. Carson’s policies and plans below and decide for yourself. Don’t trust what you have heard through the filter of news media and other politicians. They have their own agenda.

Meet Ben Carson

Meet Candy Carson

Ben Carson on the Issues

A Strategy to Eliminate the Threat from Radical Islamic Terrorism

Prescription for Winning the 21st Century Cyberspace Race

5 Principles to Restore American Exceptionalism in Our Schools

Prescription for a Stronger, Safer America

Reforming Washington for ‘We the People’

We Must Repeal and Replace Obamacare

We Must Investigate CAIR Now

A Simple, Transparent and Fair Tax System for All Americans

A Commonsense Plan to Secure the Border, Reform Immigration and Restore the Rule of Law


Until next time…

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Integrity Matters

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and fair. Synonyms include character, decency, goodness, honesty and morality. A further discussion of integrity by Webster’s says integrity implies trustworthiness and incorruptibility to a degree that one is incapable of being false to a trust, responsibility, or pledge.

One who has integrity is also honest and trustworthy.

Whoever walks in integrity_Proverbs10.9

Once Essential

Integrity is what I look for in the person I would want as President. I may be a radical and old-fashioned but integrity is the starting point for any candidate in my evaluation. At one time this was a characteristic most Americans considered desirable and even essential for the person chosen to lead the country as President.

Sadly, in 2016, this is no longer the case. The leaders in the polls for both major political parties are also the least honest and trustworthy of all the candidates. To me that is sad and that just doesn’t make any sense, common or otherwise to me. A majority believe the front runners are the least honest or trustworthy and yet, they are still the front runners.

If America elects a President the majority of people consider dishonest and untrustworthy how can they trust any of the promises they are making in their campaign speeches, debates and policy papers?

Who is most trustworthy?

The candidate who consistently ranks highest in the honest and trustworthy category is Dr. Ben Carson. This makes perfect sense to me. Consider his career prior to retirement and being drafted into this presidential election. Think about it. He is a retired neurosurgeon who has been trusted by thousands of patients over many years. That kind of track record can reasonably predict his future actions will follow the same pattern.

Do you trust your doctor?

The doctor patient relationship is one of the most private, guarded and trusted relationships most people have outside of their spouse and family. Thousands of patients and their families have trusted Dr. Carson over his career to be honest with them about the diagnosis and possible solutions and expected outcomes of brain surgery. It takes a considerable amount of trust when your child’s life hangs in the balance.

That trust is a large part of why Dr. Carson is the most trusted candidate in the Presidential race this year and probably one of the most trusted ever.

Integrity does matter

Think about how that career and trust can be applied to the problems facing America. Dr. Carson would assemble the teams necessary to analyze and diagnose the root cause of the issues. Solutions would then be developed to solve the problems. He would then be honest with America, just as he was with his patients, providing the diagnosis of the problem and the plan to solve the problem. Making wise decisions and being honest with the American people are two traits any successful President of the United States of America must possess.

Accomplishments Unmatched

Dr. Ben Carson’s accomplishments are unmatched.

  • He has received 67 honorary degrees.
  • He received America’s highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • CNN and Time reported he was one of America’s top 20 scientists
  • The Library of Congress named him one of 89 “Living Legends.”

Yet, even with all these awards and honors he has maintained his humility. Don’t mistake humility and his calm measured demeanor as weakness. Have you ever thought about the resolve and nerves and inner strength required to be on your feet for hours performing intricate surgeries in which the slightest mistake or twitch could be fatal? If not think about it now. He has repeated this thousands of times during his career.

This article I recently read describes Dr. Carson’s strength very well.

When being calm displays all of the power you need

A Unique Opportunity for America

I still hope the American people will recognize this unique opportunity before it is too late. Dr. Ben Carson is a man whose

  • Life story is inspiring
  • Life accomplishments are unmatched
  • Character and integrity are exemplary
  • Critical life and death decision making experience is second to none (See Experience Matters for more on this)
  • And is willing to serve America at a time when America needs a leader who can change the direction of the country and unite Americans once again.

How confident are you?

How confident are you that your candidate, if you have one, will actually follow through with their campaign promises? If you are basing your confidence on anything other than historical evidence you will be disappointed after the election.

Consider Dr. Carson’s experience during his career analyzing cases, determining best options, communicating this to the patient and family,  leading the teams essential for a successful surgery, and only then performing his role as surgeon. In other words, he has done what he said he would over and over again.

Take a look at Dr. Ben Carson’s position on issues facing America here – Ben Carson on the Issues . In addition to his issue positions consider the integrity, honesty and trustworthiness of this man before you make your final decision on who to support for President in 2016.

and hope you will too. He is not looking for endorsements from politicians, political parties, lobbyists, special interest groups or news media. His closing statement at the first GOP Debate shows it is the endorsement and support from We The People he is seeking.

“In the 2 hours of this debate, 5 people have died from drug-related deaths, $100,000,000 has been added to our national debt, 200 babies have been killed by abortionists, and 2 veterans have taken their lives out of despair. This is a narrative that we can change – Not we the Democrats, not we the Republicans, but We The People of America because there is something special about this nation and we must embrace it and be proud of it and never give it away for the sake of political correctness.”



I invite you to join We The People and be part of the solution to help change this narrative by endorsing Dr. Ben Carson for President in 2016.

Until next time…

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Experience matters

The word experience is used a lot in presidential campaigns. One thing is true about the current 2016 presidential campaign.

The most common type of experience mentioned is political experience. “Experienced” politicians have brought us to where we are now in America. This statement is true however you assess the current state of our country. I think Ronald Reagan had it right in this quote,

“Professional politicians like to talk about experience in government. Nuts!

Ben Carson_Professional Politicians_Experience

What kind of experience are you looking for in our next President?

So…what kind of experience are you looking for in our next President? That is a relevant question and one I cannot answer for you. All I can do is describe the kind of experience I think is important for the next President to bring into office. If this perspective helps you either make or confirm your own decision, this will have been a worthwhile use of time for me.

Experience I would like our next President to bring into office

  • Experience assessing situations as they arise.
  • Experience in being a continuous learner.
  • Experience in analyzing the situation to determine best and worst case solution scenarios.
  • Experience in asking for wisdom from God to make the best decision.
  • Experience in actually making a critical decision.
  • Experience leading the team executing the plan by setting expectations for and providing the resources and authority to complete it.

This makes experience in facing and resolving many types of situations critical to their success while in office. Being able to solve problems as they arise and not just kick them down the road for the next administration (political experience) is a critical skill needed for any successful president.

Dr. Ben Carson’s experience is unique among presidential candidates and meets all of the criteria mentioned above and will lend itself well to making the decisions that will need to be made as President of the United States of America to move our country forward and keep America safe.

Experience tested and honed in thousands of life and death situations

As a world renowned brain surgeon, Dr. Carson has performed thousands of surgeries. Each of these cases has been unique to that individual and family. Life and death risks and decisions are a regular part of brain surgery.

  • Each case is unique with patient history, options available, and outcomes expected.
  • Continuous medical education is required to determine the best methods of treatment or surgery available.
  • Input from trusted peers and experts is encouraged and considered.
  • Analysis to determine the best case / worst case scenarios and expected outcomes of performing or not performing the surgery.
  • Explaining these options and possible outcomes to the patient and family in terms they can understand and trust. Character, integrity and competence are essential in building this trust. These parents are trusting Dr. Carson and his Gifted Hands with the life of their child.
  • Recommending the best course of action and setting expectations for possible outcomes.
  • Seeking guidance from God through prayer for wisdom to make the best decision to move forward with the surgery or not.
  • Making the decision in a timely manner as time is of the essence. The patient’s life often depends on it.
  • Only then, is the actual surgery performed and this entire process is potentially repeated again during the surgery as the situation warrants.
  • Reporting the results of the surgery to the family of the patient along with follow-up expectations and course of action.
This process has been repeated thousands of times. That is valuable experience.

America is the patient

This type of experience will be invaluable as the leader of the country in assessing and addressing any issues that arise.

  • Each situation will be different with historical data, options available, input from advisers and new tactics and solutions considered and discussed in evaluating each case.
  • Continuous education is required to be cognizant of new tactics or solutions that might be available and applicable in this situation.
  • Analyzing this information to determine the best case and worst case scenarios and possible outcomes of any actions being considered.
  • Asking God through his own prayers and America through their prayers for wisdom to make the best decision to move forward with the prescribed course of action.
  • Making the decision in a timely manner as time is of the essence. America’s future depends on it.
  • Leading the team executing the plan by setting expectations and providing the necessary resources to execute the plan.
  • Reporting the results of the actions taken to the American people along with follow-up expectations and course of action.

I have a dream!

My dream is each eligible voter would realize the importance of the decision facing America in 2016 – voting for the next president – and would follow a similar process in evaluating the candidates and making their own decision. If my dream came true I am confident many of you will come to the same conclusion I have, the experience Dr. Ben Carson would bring to the Presidency – making thousands of critical life and death decisions over his career – is unique among all candidates and would be invaluable in keeping America safe and moving forward.

Dr. Ben Carson Gifted Hands Documentary

Take a look at this video – Dr. Ben Carson Gifted Hands Documentary – and see what you think in light of Dr. Ben Carson’s experience and his candidacy for President and make your own decision. After the bombast, glitter, noise, exaggerated claims and mudslinging of the other candidates has faded, a wise, calm, experienced decision-maker is the type of person I would want leading our country. Dr. Ben Carson is that type of person.

What kind of experience are you looking for?

Every voter will make their own decision and I would never presume to tell anyone who they should vote for. The person the American people select as President is elected to serve and to lead and make critical decisions. My hope is you will make critical decision making experience one of your criteria. Do your own research and don’t depend on the “news” media to make your decision for you. They have their own agenda.

Experience I am not looking for…

Ben Carson_No Experience

“I will confess I do not have experience in certain things like empowering special interest groups and growing the government and wasting taxpayer money and disarming our military and deserting our allies and lying to the people and submitting to the PC police.” Dr. Ben Carson

I have made my assessment and Ben Carson is my choice.

Voting is a privilege I do not take for granted and a solemn responsibility I do take seriously. It’s not brain surgery. I am no more a brain surgeon than Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies. I hope all other non-brain surgeons out there, like me, take your responsibility seriously too.

Experience matters!

Until next time…

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