2014 Year In Review

As another year begins I wanted to write to thank all who have stopped by and read, commented, and shared any of the words I have posted here on this blog in 2014 so here it is…Thank You!

I do appreciate your time and input and hope to be able to post something that might interest you in 2015 too.

As the old year becomes new it is always good to look back to see what interested most readers last year, what worked and what didn’t. That information is always useful to me and it is a factor in what I choose to write about in the future. It would be silly and foolish for me not to consider this information. I am silly from time to time but try not to be foolish when I can avoid it.

Based on total number of views here are the top five most popular Peculiar Perspective posts of 2014.

Watch Your Back – Published 11/22/14

In case you missed it there were some interesting events in the October 21st school board meeting. Here is how it was reported in the local papers.

An Enterprise third grade teacher remains on 20-day suspension after the Enterprise Board of Education voted unanimously...Read more here Watch Your Back

YOU Are Not Alone – Published 12/01/14

A little over a week ago I published a post called Watch Your Back. In that post I asked for feedback both positive and negative as feedback is the only way I know whether my thoughts and observations have any validity or not. I mentioned I would be happy to post a follow up if feedback indicated I was on the wrong path. Well, this is that post…Read more here YOU Are Not Alone

Partly Cloudy – Published 01/29/14

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Mayor’s State of the City luncheon last week. I am grateful for that opportunity to visit with friends both old and new, enjoy a good meal, and learn about the state of Enterprise, The City of Progress, through a presentation by Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell.

In case you were not able to attend or did not see the reports in the Enterprise Ledger Friday and Sunday, the state of Enterprise is very good. Read more here Partly Cloudy

Confused Yet Confident – Published 03/04/14

It has been 18 days since the announcement the 9th grade would be moving to the high school next year and one week since the school board meeting, and then the post-board meeting. I attended both and am still confused as to why now. Read more here Confused Yet Confident

Why I Don’t Have A Fish On My Car – Published 08/08/14

I don’t have a fish emblem on my car and probably never will. I have nothing against fish or what the Christian fish emblem represents nor am I judging or condemning anyone who does have one on their car. I am a… Read more here Why I Don’t Have A Fish On My Car

Reading and Writing in 2014

The post that generated the most blog comments was Reading and Writing in 2014 published on 01/16/14.

As a follow-up to this particular post I had mixed results. I did meet the writing goal of 500 words a day for most of the 31 days of the writing challenge but that did not translate into an ongoing practice throughout the rest of the year. I would like to get back into that routine and actually create one that I can continue this year.

For the reading goal that one lapsed also but I did get 25 books read in 2014 which is about the same as 2013 so I am still reading and learning and still believe this is critical for anyone to continue to grow and improve themselves. I think a book every other week is a pretty good pace and goal and hope to meet that again this year.

Fewer Posts

I did have fewer posts in 2014 than 2013, 29 versus 38, even though the blog was active the entire year versus only about 9 months in 2013. Although I did have fewer posts they were viewed more times than the posts in 2013, an increase of about 60%. This information has helped me come to the realization that one blog a week is too ambitious for me. I am going to cut that in half this year and shoot for one every two weeks or twice a month.

Where was it viewed from?

It is always interesting to me to see the different countries where this blog was viewed from. In 2014 it was viewed in 56 different countries. Of course the United States was the primary location but coming in second was Brazil, which was a surprise, and then Canada was third. It was also viewed in India, Russia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mali, Ghana, Pakistan, Angola, New Zealand, France, Germany, Poland, Indonesia and South Africa, among others.

That still boggles my mind but just shows the potential reach of anything posted online, whether it be in a blog, in a Facebook or Twitter post or any other social media platform. Once Publish, Send, or Post is clicked those words are permanent and this is a good reminder or caution for anyone in the techno-social world we live in today.

Thanks again for your support and taking the time to stop by last year and may 2015 be your best year yet! I hope you choose to stop by here again from time to time. If you want to make sure you are notified when a new post is published, enter your email address in the sidebar to the right and you will get an email. You will not get added to any other email lists if you choose to do this.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 1/03/2015

Reading and Writing in 2014

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014?

If so, have you broken them yet?

If you have, give yourself a break and pick it up again tomorrow.

Reading and Writing

I have set a couple of goals and what you are seeing here is one of the results. My challenge – not really calling it a resolution – is really officially just for the first 31 days of the year but I hope, if I can persist for that long it will become a habit I can continue. If you are a regular visitor and reader here you will know how I fare in this endeavor.

A couple of authors I follow and happen to have a great deal of respect for invited their followers to participate with them in a couple of challenges to begin 2014 and I signed up for both. I believe they will complement each other but the proof will be in the execution.

30 Days of Hustle

First was Jon Acuff and his 30 Days of Hustle Challenge. This challenge has no specific subject or topic except for the hustle. For those near my age I suspect you have a song stuck in your head right now…sorry about that. The hustle can and should be unique for everyone who participates, although some will likely be similar, the requirement was only that it be your own goal.

My Hustle Goal is to read for two hours every day. Chances are I was already doing this but I am trying to be more intentional and read more books during these 2 hours and I am trying to time myself. I had a goal last year to read 25 books. I only read 21 but if I add the audio books I listened to that does put me over 25 at 27 so I did pretty well.

Reading for two hours is the WHAT of this goal. The WHY of this goal has many facets. I wanted my goal to be a positive goal and not a ‘NOT’ goal. If I do follow through with this one though a lot of positive NOTs will materialize.

First the positives

Reading is how I learn so I expect this to expand my knowledge and also give me new ideas to share here on my blog, as well as help me on my job and in my personal relationships. Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said, “In five years you will be the same as you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet.” I don’t want to remain the same. I want to improve a little every day and be a much better person in five years. Reading is one activity that should help me accomplish that goal.

The Positive NOTs

Some of the positive NOTs reading for at least two hours a day will accomplish are NOT wasting time browsing the internet, Facebook and twitter, waiting for the next “You’ve got mail” notification, and NOT wasting time browsing channels on the TV trying to find something to watch, which would probably be a waste of time if I found something.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

My 500 Words

The second challenge I signed up for was started by Jeff Goins. If you have read some of my earlier posts (See A Peculiar Perspective Begins!) you would know that Jeff is the reason I call myself a writer.

This challenge was pretty simple, to write 500 words a day for 31 days. That is what I am doing now and if I continue should provide many posts for your reading pleasure or consternation during 2014.

I have no aspirations or goals to publish a new post every day as some bloggers do. I don’t think I have that much to say. However I do want to be more consistent in 2014 and publish on a more regular schedule instead of just randomly as I did last year. I would like to publish at least one new blog a week on the same day and then will sprinkle in others, probably regarding current issues, as they arise during the year.

Well, there you have my goals for the first 31 days of 2014. I think breaking the traditional New Year’s resolutions down into smaller units like this is a good approach to help them seem more achievable. My expectation is this approach will be better than just breaking New Year’s resolutions.

If the first month is successful then you can either continue, since you will have built a new habit, or come up with something totally new for the next month. Time will tell. As I said earlier, the proof will be in the execution.

Midway checkpoint

I wrote this several days ago as part of my 500 word challenge. Since I am publishing now at the halfway point I can report I am batting .733 for both reading and writing so far this month. If I was a baseball player I would be in the Hall of Fame.  I would like to be 100% but am not going to beat myself up about that. I have accomplished much more both reading and writing than I would have without these challenges. I have read three books so far this year and published three blog posts, counting this one, so my year is off to a good start. Starting today I plan to get back on track and finish January strong.

If I can do it anyone can do it so you can start today and finish January strong yourself. I hope you choose to do just that.

Whatever your goals are for 2014 I hope you are off to a good start and are able to achieve them and make this your best year yet.

If you like any of what you see here or it makes you think, which is one of my goals, enter your email address in the sidebar on the right and subscribe. If you do you will receive an email in your inbox whenever I publish a new blog. I know many of you see these when I share them on Facebook or twitter but if you subscribe then you will be sure to NOT miss a single publication, another positive NOT. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time…

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