Status Quo Rolls On

Job Interview?

I was not aware at the time, but when I attended the July 30, 2013 Enterprise City School Board meeting I was watching a job interview or trial run. Apparently it went well for the job applicant as she was appointed to the Enterprise City School Board at the most recent Enterprise City Council meeting. If you need to refresh your memory too I wrote about her comments in that board meeting in my Overtime post last August.

I don’t know for a fact this was the case but what I post here is my perception of what I see. That is my perspective on what happened, whether it is peculiar or not I don’t know.

I also wrote about this appointment in my Partly Cloudy post, in January of this year.

“There will also be a new appointment to the school board coming up prior to June of 2014. It may have already been made and just not be public yet. In any case, this is another opportunity for the Mayor and City Council to show whether they will continue the direction of the past or listen to the people they represent and make an appointment that would begin to lead in a new direction.”

It is obvious to me by the title of this post what choice was made. You can form your own opinion.

What Next?

Since the status quo by those in power now is the best we can hope for as long as they are in power, what can those who have legitimate concerns and disagreements with this direction do? As I see it there are two specific actions we can take to bring about change Pray and Get Active!


"Praying Hands" (study for an Apostl...
“Praying Hands” (study for an Apostle figure of the “Heller” altar) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prayer is a powerful action we all can take that will help. It will not necessarily change any of the current elected and appointed city officials’ mind or direction on anything. That is one possible outcome but I don’t have any hope or faith that will happen. God can still perform miracles if He chooses to but that is what it would take.

What does happen when those of us who believe in Jesus Christ and pray to God is our hearts, desires, and motives are changed to be more like God’s and that is beneficial for anyone who chooses to participate in this activity.

from superintendent to administrators to teachers to support staff. Many of these folks are under a lot of stress right now as they are just learning about the changes coming for the next school year now — new roles, locations, teaching methods, curriculum and standardized testing. They all need and, I believe, would appreciate any prayers we can give them. I suspect they will even appreciate prayer after all the current pending issues are known and resolved.

that God would give them wisdom and direction in any decision they are making. This will be hard, at least I know it is for me when I disagree with someone, but it will bring about a change in you if you are able to do it. I believe these officials would appreciate this also.

If you do not know Jesus Christ then my last post, I Am A Thief, has information that will help you get to know Him. He would love to hear from YOU.

Get Active 

I Voted!
I Voted! (Photo credit: Vox Efx)

If you don’t agree with the decisions being made by our elected and appointed officials the way to have an effect and bring about changes there is to get active and support a candidate that will more often support your beliefs and convictions. There will be ample opportunities to select an alternative to those in office in the next city elections which will be in 2016. If there is no one you believe will be that alternative there is plenty of time for you to investigate running for office yourself or encourage someone else to run.

One Way To Get Involved

Take Back Enterprise is a 501(c)(4) organization recently formed to provide information to educate and inform the public about what is going on in local government. Their goal is to help increase transparency and accountability. You can click on the link above to find out more and see how you can get involved.

Perfect Candidate Does Not Exist

That is the beauty of the country we live in and how change is brought about. As long as we have this freedom and privilege to cast our vote and lend our support to the candidates of our choice we should not take that privilege for granted. We should not always believe, “someone else will do it” or “there is not a candidate I agree with 100% so I am not going to vote.” If you are looking for that candidate he or she doesn’t exist. I suspect, if you are married, you and your spouse don’t agree on everything. We often have to make choices based on which candidate will support my beliefs more often than not.

I do believe you should gather as much information you can about the candidates and issues before you vote, another subject I have written about lately in Maybe you shouldn’t vote but it is your responsibility to get this information for yourself. There is plenty of time. You could even practice by seeing what you can learn about the candidates for state offices on the ballot in the upcoming Primary and General Elections this year. Do some research and dig a little bit and go beyond the commercials and the latest news story. You might be surprised what you can learn.

Well, those are my thoughts and suggestions for today. I would love to hear yours.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 4/28/2014

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