A City Divided

We Are Enterprise“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I have heard that quoted at least twice in the last two weeks the Enterprise City School Board meeting on June 25, 2013 and again at the Enterprise City Council meeting on July 2, 2013 regarding the divided house that is now Enterprise, Alabama, a city divided.

That is a reference to a scripture verse and a quote from a speech by Abraham Lincoln. In Mark 3:25 in the English Standard Version Jesus says, “And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.” The speech by Abraham Lincoln was given on June 16, 1858 at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, IL upon acceptance of the Republican nomination for that state’s U.S. Senator when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Begging is not productive

I have also heard the mayor of Enterprise begging at both meetings for the citizens of Enterprise to come together and, for some reason I am yet to understand, magically start to trust members of the school board whom many believe have not dealt honestly, fairly, or even legally with the former Superintendent of Enterprise City Schools as well as the people of Enterprise.

Rumors, Accusations

Many accusations and rumors have circulated around Enterprise regarding this situation. I know people involved on both sides of the issue, went to school with some of them, go to church with some of them. Some were my teachers or administrators when I was in school here many years ago. Those rumors and accusations will continue to circulate and grow I suspect until these issues are addressed and resolved. It would do me or anyone else no good to repeat those here so I will refrain from doing so. When I do add my comments within this section they will look like this.

I believe the facts do bring up some interesting and pretty obvious questions.  Until these questions are answered satisfactorily for the citizens of Enterprise in some of these meetings, or, if need be, in a court of law, the city will remain divided. When there is as much distrust between one group of people and those that are charged with making decisions in their best interest as there is here now a change has to occur to start down the road of rebuilding the trust that has been lost.


What I would like to provide first are the facts that are undisputed and then what I believe needs to be done for the city of Enterprise to have any chance at coming together and moving forward. You can see the minutes of these meetings at the Board of Education’s web site and videos at Southeast Sun’s YouTube channel.

May 28, 2013 School Board Meeting

In the May 28, 2013 school board meeting the results of a an evaluation by Dr. James Wright with Professional Services, LLC on the performance of Dr. Milner, the now former Superintendent of Enterprise City Schools. Dr. Wright said this was one of the strongest evaluation results he had seen. He said these strong results were an indication of Dr. Milner’s ability and efforts to work with the board.

June 18, 2013

Dr. Milner resigned as Superintendent of Enterprise City Schools and gave a 30 day notice in an email to the school board.

June 19, 2013 Special Called Board Meeting

School Board Vice President Joe Paul Stewart and School Board attorney J. P. Sawyer resigned. Ross Cotter was elected President of the School Board and Gloria Jones vice president by acclamation as no second to the nominations were given.

June 25, 2013 School Board Meeting

I attended this meeting along with several hundred other local citizens and news media. What I learned at this meeting from at least two of the existing board members if we, the citizens, had been at prior meetings then we would not have the situation we have now.

What this says to me is they believe they need to be watched and monitored so they do not make unwise or even illegal decisions. I can remember a time when the people chosen to serve in the capacity of school board member were expected to be of good character and to make wise decisions whether anyone was there to watch them or not.

Several former school teachers, administrators and citizens spoke at the meeting and members Cotter, Jones and Brown were asked to resign, which did receive much applause unlike when the mayor spoke and there was silence.

What I also noticed at this meeting is the board members were asked specific and direct questions and chose to not answer many of them. This would have been an opportunity for them to respond and try to set the record straight from their perspective but choosing not to do so says something altogether different. 

July 2, 2013 City Council Meeting

I also attended this meeting, which was standing room only, but the room is much smaller than the one used for the school board meetings. Local news media was in attendance at this meeting as well. The mayor covered the agreement made between the city and the school board that is one of the areas of concern for the citizens and school system. The agreement was made and approved by both the city council and school board so it does exist. The disposition of that agreement and what will happen when the $550,000 payments are supposed to start in 2016 does appear to be in the hands of the city. They do claim they will review the agreement and economic condition of the city and the school system at that time and determine if the payments will be required or not.

There were also statements made by the city attorney, Rainer Cotter, who is the son of the current President of the School Board, Ross Cotter, Joe Paul Stewart, former School Board Vice-President, Perry Vickers, former principal of Dauphin Junior High, and Dr. Jim Reese, former Superintendent of Schools.

My Questions

The summary above is just that, a summary, and is not intended to be all-inclusive. I do believe there is enough information provided for anyone to be read-in on the situation and able to form their own opinions on these events. Here are some questions that seem rather obvious to me and remain unanswered.

1) What happened to cause the Superintendent of Schools, who was well respected in Enterprise and just rated one of the best in the state of Alabama, the School Board Vice President and the School Board attorney to all resign within 16 hours? Did they all just decide it was time for a change  coincidentally at the same time or was something else going on to cause these mass resignations?

2) Since it is the belief of many in Enterprise the three members of the school board asked to resign in the June 25th meeting were planning to vote to fire the superintendent and not accept his resignation, how can this same group of people be expected to select a qualified candidate as the new superintendent? How can anyone they select not be seen as just a figurehead? I don’t believe they can. Why would anyone want to be hired into this situation?

3) Could there be a conflict of interest in any discussions between the school board and city council regarding the disposition of $32,000,000 since the school board members are appointed by the city council?

4) Would it be better for all concerned if the school board members were elected?

 My Suggestions

My suggestion as to what has to be done for any healing, coming together or moving forward to occur in Enterprise is for Mr. Cotter to resign his position as school board member. It would be better if we started with a clean slate of board members and members Brown and Jones were to resign as well. If they do really want to do what is best for the Enterprise City School System and the city of Enterprise that is what they would do.

As I mentioned earlier, the begging for us to come together and move forward and repeating the “house divided” quote without any changes is not working and will not work. There need to be changes made to show the citizens of Enterprise there is a reason for us to believe we can come together and move forward. There is no trust to build on now between the citizens of Enterprise and the School Board.

This would allow new members to be appointed (still not the best way to do this in my opinion – see question 4 above) to join the two members recently added and then some level of trust can be restored and the city can begin to heal, come together and move forward. If they choose not to do this and believe they can serve with any support from the citizens of Enterprise I believe this is a gross miscalculation on their part and just shows their resolve to hold on to their position or power and will confirm the accusations many have made. They would not have to admit they have done anything wrong, which they may not have, and just state they are doing this for the good of the school system and the city of Enterprise. This, however, would be doing something right.

With the current system of school board members being appointed by the City Council there does need to be some way the citizens can have input as to who these appointees are. If not, we could be back in the same situation again.

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Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 7/05/2013

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10 thoughts on “A City Divided”

  1. I would like to know the answers to your questions also. This would make an interesting letter to both of our local newspapers.

  2. I agree Suzanne. I don’t know if we will ever get answers but I do know the patronizing manner which this has been handled so far is disturbing to many and don’t believe any level of trust can be built between the current board and the people of Enterprise unless they are genuinely addressed. Maybe if we keep asking the questions and they know we are not going away they will be addressed.

    Along with continuing to show up at the meetings if people will post comments on the articles the news media is writing about these issues maybe they will pick up on the real mood of the people of Enterprise and be more inquisitive instead of just accepting the first response given (when one is given) too.

  3. Having watched the shenanigans of this school board, I must also call into question some of the elected officials’ judgments as well. As the school board is appointed by the council (who is elected), and given the less than high moral character of their (current school board’s) decisions, how can this city trust anyone. I too know several of the members and their less than honest ways of conducting themselves in the past. Speaking to WE the people in condescending tones at these recent meetings, like we aren’t smart enough or know enough about the ‘goings on’ in our city to make an informed opinion, really makes folks mad. They ALL need to know that we PARENTS are watching them like a hawk. And that many of the students are children of military parents who have ‘been there and done that’ and are NOT scared to speak our minds- whether it hurts their feelings or not. And, the federal government may need to ‘look’ into this whole situation given the fact that the Enterprise school system receives additional funding from the federal government because our children attend their system.
    What they did to drive Dr. Milner out was wrong and will not be accepted lightly. We demand to know answers and will keep the heat on until this situation is corrected.

  4. As a former student and graduate of Enterprise High, I agree with the above statement. I listened with much interest to the Board meetings and my thoughts immediately were each member should resign. If I was in the situation of someone not trusting me, that is what I would do. There must be earned respect , not only between board members, but everyone involved. There is a scripture that speaks of this situation. The first shall be last, and the last will be first…search my heart Oh God and if there is something amiss…help me to be honest. Stepping down is the greater thing to do…holding on—whether innocent, or guilty—will be the stumbling block. Matthew 19…talks of the promise of reward. As Christians we are compelled to prefer our brother. Gagging on gnats and swallowing camels is another way to look at this situation! Who wants what is best for Enterprise and the surrounding areas who work, attend school, shop, play, attend church, and bring folks into the
    community? There you have it!

  5. Celia – Thanks for your comments. I had the same thought you did after listening to the non-responses by the board. I don’t think I have ever heard the gnats-camels analogy before. Stay tuned, as you obviously are and keep showing up at any meetings you can. If we keep the pressure on and our presence up that might help bring about change. Time will tell.

    Thanks again for stopping by, reading, commenting, and supporting the issue.

    1. Stan, the gagging on gnats and swallowing camels was a favorite saying my Daddy had. It simply means that folks are not getting to the important issues when others are standing in the way. There must be decisions made for the Better Good of all. The “stumbling blocks” should remove themselves from the issue all-together. There are also times when “hurt feelings” can not be the reason to “candy coat” the obvious. My Daddy was the man all of us aspire to be…very fair minded, but very on “the side of what is right” too. There was no hesitation on his part when the choice had to be made for all that is right. Who Does Want the Better Plan for Enterprise. If all else fails…put it on a ballot…Love and prayers for Enterprise.

      1. Thanks for that explanation Celia. It sounds like your father was a wise and good men. “Do right” is what Mr. Phares challenged the board members to do too. I agree that truth is what is needed and if that hurts feelings, so be it. That is better than hurting the students and schools system by not being truthful and forthcoming with pertinent information.

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