Hire Your Boss Day

350px-boll_weevil_monumentIt will be Hire Your Boss Day 2016 in Enterprise for hundreds of city employees on August 23rd. I wanted to make sure you are aware of the opportunity you have this year and don’t miss it. It is one that doesn’t even come along every 4 years in Enterprise.

Bad Bosses

For those of us who work in the private sector if we have a bad boss, we normally have three choices.

  1. Suck it up and deal with it.
  2. Work around it as best we can.
  3. Leave to find another job with what we hope will be an improvement in leadership.

During my career so far I have done all three. If you work in the public sector you have those same three choices but you also have a 4th choice. If you work for the city, police, fire, school or water board in Enterprise, you periodically have the opportunity to hire your own boss. Your next opportunity to do this is in less than two weeks on Hire Your Boss Day 2016.

I know school system employees are not direct reports to the mayor but the school board is a city board and the mayor and council do appoint those who serve there and that does directly affect you.

You have City Council Options Too

There are 4 challengers running for city council you can choose to support in your respective districts that will have a big impact on school board appointments and many other choices affecting Enterprise.

You don’t always have this opportunity because there is not always an opposing candidate to vote for. That is not the issue this year. The issue or question this year is will YOU get out and vote? You haven’t had this option in Enterprise in the mayoral race since 2004.

Significant Voting Bloc

Did you know your voting bloc is probably enough to swing the election the way you want it to go? I don’t have the official numbers but from what I could find from a few years back there are conservatively at least 1500-2000 of you in this voting bloc. I know it is not likely you will all vote the same way.

The mayor was elected in 2004 with 1,937 votes out of a total of 1,996 and has had zero votes in 2008 and 2012 as he has been unopposed.

You will never have more power or influence over who your boss will be and the decisions that will be made for Enterprise during the next four years than the power your vote provides on August 23rd.

Are you ready for new leadership?

If you are ready for new leadership, and live within the city limits of Enterprise, and think it is time for a change, August 23rd is your opportunity to make that happen.

What I don’t know

I have never worked for the city so I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of the work environment that exists now.

What I do know

I do know what you do is critical for the city and is appreciated by those of us who call Enterprise home.

I do know from my experience in the private sector you can tell a lot about a boss by how he or she interacts with employees.

I do know if employees are treated with the respect they deserve that goes a long way toward the boss being treated with respect in return and held in high regard.

I do know if the incumbent mayor is re-elected by a combination of those who do get out and vote and those who stay home the perception will be all is well and the majority of you are happy with your current boss.

I do know if you are treated with disdain at best or ignored completely you owe it to yourself to research the alternatives. Talk to the challengers. Look at their history and experience and see if you believe that will translate well to the position of mayor. After you are comfortable with your research make your own judgement call with your vote.

Peanuts and Politics

You can see the mayoral candidates in the Peanuts and Politics forum held by the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce on August 9th at Cutts at this link – Peanuts and Politics – August 9, 2016.

RWCC Candidate Forum

You can see all the candidates for City Council and Mayor at the Republican Women of Coffee County Candidate Forum on July 20th at the Enterprise Country Club at this link – RWCC Candidate Forum – July 20, 2016.


The mayor talks a lot about building and keeping good relationships with the department heads but what if you are not a department head? Does he treat you with the respect you deserve as a hard working city employee who shows up to work every day, does your job which helps make him look good? If not and you do want to change that situation get out on election day and vote for someone you think will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Performance Review Overdue

As employees we normally go through an annual or some periodic review process to look back at our performance and forward and set goals for the future. We don’t normally get to review those above us in the hierarchy. However, as city employees, you should get to review the mayor every four years. As we all know that has not happened in Enterprise recently. This review is long overdue. August 23rd is the mayor’s review date for his performance during the last 12 years. Your vote is your assessment of that performance.

What you can do

I know many of you, like me, live outside the city limits so you cannot vote in this election but you can talk to your family and friends that are eligible to vote and explain your reasons for wanting the candidate of your choice elected and encourage them to vote.

If you are interested in what I would do if I had a vote I shared my thoughts on this election and my support for Milton Shipman for Mayor in my Talked With the Mayor post last month.

I am sure I am not telling any of you anything new but I am trying to remind you of the opportunity you have this year, on August 23rd, to make a change if that is what you desire. You don’t have to get out and campaign for anyone. I know you would probably not feel comfortable in doing that as your freedom to express yourself in Enterprise is being squelched.

However, you can take your voting privilege with you to the Rec Center on August 23rd and vote your conscience. I encourage you as strongly as I can to do just that.

Status Quo or Change?

Your vote will either help lift the Ominous Clouds that have been lingering over Enterprise for years or maintain the status quo and keep those clouds in place. 

The choice is up to you and the collective will of the citizens of Enterprise. Do your civic duty. Participate in Hire Your Boss Day 2016 and hire the boss you want as your leader for the next four years.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 8/11/2016