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350px-boll_weevil_monumentDrive-by media “journalism” is nothing more than sensationalizing a story, sometimes news, sometimes not, for the purpose of playing on the emotions of the audience to advance an agenda. After the initial story has achieved the intended effect they move on, ignoring facts discovered later that often completely contradict or prove the original story false. The damage has been done and the intended effect achieved. If they ever do post a follow-up story providing the factual information it is often buried and never has the same prominence as the original false story. Then they keep moving or drive by on to their next “story”.

A recent example of this was brought to my attention this week with the source being an area bail bondman who also has a website. He reports on many different things on his website. Some are actually true. However, the inaccuracy of the ones I have seen regarding Enterprise make me wonder about all the others.  I am not going to drive people to his website by linking to it here. If you don’t know who I am talking about, trust me, you haven’t missed anything. Either way, keep reading if you want to see the rest of the story.

He posted another hit piece this week on all of the challengers in the upcoming Enterprise City elections and, as usual, it contains more spelling errors and innuendo than facts. It is hard to read.

The one I wanted to focus on here is actually one that was reported accurately. The story in question is one where the Southeast Sun has contributed “nearly $11,000” to Milton Shipman’s mayoral campaign. A clerical error was made and, once discovered, was corrected. It was corrected on August 8th, the same day the drive-by bail bondsman’s latest hit piece was published. The speculation, innuendo and accusations based on the clerical error confirm his purpose. If he really wanted to know the truth he would have talked to the parties involved himself. It’s obvious that was not his goal.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he reported the initial incorrect filing accurately. However, I have no expectation of him publishing any follow-up story to report this clerical error has now been corrected since that would defeat the purpose of his article. He based his unfounded accusations on this clerical error.

I decided I would correct the record here based on conversations with the parties involved for anyone who is interested.

Here is the release posted by the Southeast Sun on Facebook on August 9th.



I did talk to Milton Shipman about this and he reminded me that all of his workers are volunteers and they are just learning and they made a mistake. It happens. This is in contrast to the incumbent who has enough funds to pay high school students to walk the streets and distribute his door hangers. There is nothing wrong with the incumbent doing this. That is just one of the many advantages of incumbency, more political experience and more dollars to buy support. The volunteers you see on any of the challenger campaigns are there because they volunteered and want to be there, not because they are being paid.

Here is the statement from the Milton Shipman campaign and supporting documentation regarding this clerical error.

Shipman Statement regarding clerical error_2016-08-17_9-24-33

Original June Summary Form 1 – Filed July 6, 2016

Shipman_Summar Form 1_June


Original July Summary Form 1 – ReceivedFiled July 19, 2016

Shipman_Summar Form 1_July


Amended Summary Form 1 – ReceivedFiled July 19, 2016

Shipman_Summar Form 1_July_Amended

Amended Summary Form 1 – ReceivedFiledStamped July 19, 2016

Shipman_Summar Form 1_July_Amended_Stamped

Amended Summary Form 1 – Recorded August 8, 2016

Shipman_Summar Form 1_July_Amended_Recorded

No intention or time to respond to all half-truths

I am not going to try to respond to all the half-truths in this latest hit piece. That would be a full-time job and I already have one of those. However it is obvious Sue Neuwien and Turner Townsend are living rent-free in his head so anything he “reports” about them would have to be taken with a couple of grains of salt by any reasonable reader.

One example of that is the mythical term limit ordinance morphed into a constitutional amendment that Turner Townsend has never proposed. He did say he was imposing a two term limit on himself which means if he is elected this year and again in 2020 then he would not be running again in 2024. Taking that and distorting it into some plan for a constitutional amendment indicates to me he does have an active imagination, is easily confused or is trying to advance an agenda.

The fact he does reference the sometimes local editor of the Ledger for some of his information, as a source seems dubious as well. His columns on the election leave no doubt about where his allegiance lies.

Anyway, I thought this was important enough to try to set the record straight for anyone who might be confused or have accepted the drive-by bail bondsman’s narrative as legitimate in his report last week. If it has done that for anyone it was worth the time spent.

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 8/14/16


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