Huge Contrast in District 3

350px-boll_weevil_monumentI was reading the Southeast Sun online today and noticed all of the campaign ads, which is to be expected. Next Tuesday, August 23rd, is the day Enterprise will choose who will be serving as mayor and city council for the next 4 years. Anyone who reads what I write here should not be confused as to what I would do if I had a vote.

However, just in case any of you are confused and I don’t get to mention it again before next Tuesday here is the executive summary, I would not vote for anyone running for RE-election and for Mayor, since there are 3 candidates, I would vote for Milton Shipman.

The stark contrast in ads for the candidates for District 3 jumped out at me. Look at the words below and see if you notice this contrast too.

Kirk Donaldson has 2 ads in today’s paper. The first one on page A11 says:

Enterprise is open for business…Thanks to Councilman Kirk Donaldson

Kirk Donaldson: Working for Enterprise – Working for You

His experience pays off for working families. Donaldson protected Fort Rucker jobs against budget cuts. He created new jobs and more than $100 million in business expansions, like HS Automotive. He built schools, parks, recreation facilities, roads and streets, investments that attract new families and opportunities for everyone.

RE-ELECT KIRK DONALDSON, Enterprise City Council, District 3

Compare that to the ad by Perry Vickers, the challenger for City Council District 3 on page A9.

Together we can build an Enterprise we can all be proud of. A candidate that is listening to your voice, openly communicating, and acting on your behalf.

Vote Perry Vickers – A Councilman for All of District 3

Do you see the contrast I did? It is crystal clear to me and would make the choice for who would get my vote for the next Councilman for All of District 3 simple – Perry Vickers!

Kirk Donaldson has a second ad on page A13 that reads as follows.

Educators Can depend on Kirk Donaldson. “I believe we need more money in our classrooms not our administrative offices. Teachers are builders of the future. We need to make sure education dollars go directly to the classroom and not to more bureaucracy.”

I did not make that up. Where do I start on this one? Educators can depend on Kirk Donaldson? Perry Vickers is a retired educator.

Where was Kirk Donaldson when the central office was cleared out and now has ballooned in number of employees and budget since Dr. Wright was hired?

Where was Kirk Donaldson when many quality Enterprise City Schools teachers were forced to decide if they could, in good conscience, conform to the misguided micro-management of the new Superintendent or follow what their conscience and experience told them was best for all concerned and leave? Many ended up leaving.

As part of the city council He did appoint the school board member who carried out the central office cleansing and subsequent teacher exodus. He failed to mention this in his ad.

It was pointed out at the school board meeting last night by Dr. Whitaker administrative costs today are over $1 MILLION more than they were when Dr. Wright got here. All of the extra money being spent comes out of local funds. Our student enrollment has increased by 364 since 2013 but the # of teachers has remained exactly the same and the # of aides has decreased.

If educators can depend on Kirk Donaldson when is that going to start? He has been in the position 24 years. I would not anticipate a sudden about face if he is re-elected for a 7th term and don’t think any reasonable voter in District 3 would either.

Well, those are just a few campaign ad observations with some very pertinent facts from the school board meeting thrown in since they were directly related.

If you live in District 3 the choice appears obvious to me. It is time for a change and you can make that change happen by voting for Perry Vickers next Tuesday at the Rec Center.

In case anyone is wondering Stan Stinson approved this blog. Perry Vickers had nothing to do with it and will be seeing it for the first time after I click Publish just like you. I do hope it encourages him though and he does become the next District 3 Councilman next Tuesday night.

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 8/17/16

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  1. Excellent read. I totally agree that we need Mr. Vickers to replace Kirk Donaldson. Donaldson has been in office for 24+ years and has not done anything to help the city or the school system. Mr. Vickers appears to be well aware of the needs of the Enterprise School System. I personally think we need to get rid of the school boards toad superintendent and replace her with someone who will work for the school system, not the school board.

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