Who is Sean Thomas?

No, this isn’t a Jeopardy answer, although that might fit. I think To Tell The Truth fits this story better.

I received an email yesterday morning with the subject Enterprise Schools supposedly from a “parent with students in your system”. It was sent at 10:21 but I did not see it until yesterday afternoon. The email wasn’t addressed To me. I was copied though. It was addressed to all the school board members and Greg Faught. The email is from someone I had never heard of prior to this email, named Sean Thomas, or was it?

UPDATE: Since the original post this story and blog was mentioned in a news story on WDHN on 9/28/16. You can see that story here Enterprise school superintendent’s contract set to end; concerned residents call for non-renewal

Here is a copy of the email.



Here is the text of the email in case you cannot magnify the picture to make it large enough to read.

Esteemed Board,

Thank you for your service to our community!  

I’m a parent with students in your system and the improvements that I’ve seen across the board are phenomenal under the direction of this board and your current superintendent.  I pray fervently that the upcoming meetings are peaceful and productive.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen lots of false information and innuendo posted on social media by Todd & Lyn Diefenderfer and Stan Stinson inviting people to attend the meetings and ‘get answers’ in the most hateful tone.  It’s my prayer that this board supports Dr. Wright and her team to the fullest.  We have one of the best superintendents in the STATE!  It’ll be our loss and the loss of the students of Enterprise if she leaves us.

Now, Dr. Whitaker, I know that you won’t support her – it doesn’t matter what she does, you’re on the board to make a change.  You have an agenda and it has nothing to do with educating children.  I know for a fact that you’ve taken privileged information and spread it in the community, it’s hurtful and shameful, but you’ve shown your true colors.  Same for Greg Faught. He wanted the job when Dr. Wright got it and has done everything in his power to undermine her, including sending emails to rally troops against Dr. Wright, including Mrs. Jones Daughter in Law.  Shameful.  Disgraceful.  You should be fired.  Neither Faught or Whitaker care the least bit about educating our children, only advancing their agendas.
Board,  this community is watching you, you cannot let Dr. Wright get away because of a few hateful folks.  I implore you to do the right thing and protect our children and their education.
Sean Thomas

Since I was mentioned and he made claims I considered false I decided to respond. Below is my response, sent at 2:02 yesterday afternoon.


Mr. Thomas,

I am not sure who you but since you did mention my name and make a claim about what I have done I believe is false I decided to respond . I would be glad to discuss anything I have written about the school system with you or anyone else as long as you are specific. The general accusations are irrelevant to me.

Since you did bring it up, I fail to see how encouraging members of the community who care, many who work in the school system, to attend a “Community Town Hall Meeting” to ask questions they want answered is hateful. I know that word is misused a lot in today’s politically correct world but what I have done has nothing to do with hate for any individual. It has everything to do with love of the Enterprise City School System, of which I am a proud alumnus, and the outstanding teachers, administrators, aids, and support staff that make up this system.

What I do hate is seeing those same teachers, administrators, aids and support staff in the Enterprise City School System working in an environment that is not healthy for them and that does affect the job they are able to do in teaching the students in the school system. No one who has to constantly look over their shoulder and watch their back for fear of their job and livelihood being affected because they express their honest opinion, often with just constructive criticism or suggestions, can be performing up to their potential. That is the reality for many in our school system today. You can choose to ignore it but that will not make it go away.

This unhealthy environment is what I hate and that is what needs to change if we are ever to get back to an environment where teachers, administrators, aids, support staff, parents, central office and school board can be working together in an environment that breeds trust and respect instead of mistrust, skepticism and intimidation. That is what would be best for the students and that is what “everyone” says in THE top priority. If it truly is what “everyone’ wants then changes need to be made. If not, then I expect we will continue with the status quo and the exodus of good teachers and families from Enterprise City Schools for other school systems or to homeschool their children will continue as well.

I guess the bright spot there is that would help with the overcrowded schools we have now and may be the goal of the central office. If so, it is working beautifully. One of the stated goals of the superintendent was to reduce the number of teachers and she is succeeding in that, but at what expense?

The last time the central office boardroom was overflowing with concerned citizens was a little over three years ago when most were there to show their support for the current superintendent and asked the board to allow him to stay. The people were ignored. If what I have heard from many is true tonight the boardroom will be overflowing with citizens again with most there asking the board to let the current superintendent go. It will be interesting to see if the people do show up and if the board decides to ignore the people again.

Stan Stinson
A concerned citizen proud Alumnus of Enterprise City Schools

My first sentence said I did not know who Mr. Thomas was (would have made more sense if I had not left out the word ‘are’) which was true. I was curious as to who this Mr. Thomas was so I decided to see if I could learn more. Some board members may recognize him as I understand he was in the press box with Dr. Wright at the football game last Friday night.

I did not find much on the email address so I used his picture at the bottom of his email to try to identify him. In case it is too small for you to see or zooming in makes the picture at the bottom of his email fuzzy I found a better copy on his Facebook page.


The picture below is in his Facebook pictures and is the same as the picture on the email.

I really like the quote in his Intro.
If you are observant like me you will notice his Facebook page has a different name on it, Danny Tankersley. So now I was confused. Did Danny Tankersley hack Sean Thomas’s Facebook page or is Sean Thomas really just Danny Tankersley? After looking at a few more pictures the answer became obvious. See if it is obvious to you as well. Here are a couple of examples. I did have to dig a little deeper as some of these were shared on both Facebook and Instagram but mysteriously disappeared from Facebook sometime last night.
Also interesting, after the reply to his email from Greg Faught and this comment “Your picture on the email looks extremely familiar to me.” his email profile picture was changed.
I suspect that might have been one of those “oops moments.”


This information led to questions for me, as is often the case here.
  • Why would a grown, apparently successful man, put his reputation on the line and lie about his identity and his family?
  • Why wouldn’t he just share his opinion and use his real name?
  • Didn’t he believe the things he said enough to sign his own name to the email?
  • Why didn’t he change his profile picture before he sent the email?
  • Did he really write this or did someone else write it for him?
  • Did someone take his picture from Facebook and create an email account and send it posing as Sean Thomas to bait me into doing what I have just done?
  • It seems obvious to me that at least for some of the accusations he shared the source could only have been 3 or 4 people, one would obviously be his friend, Dr. Camille Wright, the Superintendent of Enterprise City Schools.

My thoughts and yours

Unprofessional, fraudulent and unethical are words that come to my mind based on the information I found. You can make your own assessment and draw your own conclusions.

Not anything I went looking for

I did not go seeking this. The email was sent to me. Anyone who knows me knows being lied to is one of my least favorite things. I don’t know if the school board members, Greg Faught and Lyn Diefenderfer feel the same as I do but thought it needed to be shared and now it has.

One more attempt

I did send an additional email earlier this morning but have not received a response. That email was pretty simple and said.


Mr. Tankersley (AKA Sean Thomas),

I am confused as to why your felt it necessary to lie about your identity and your family in your email to the School Board. Can you help me with my confusion?

Do you not believe the things you said enough to sign your own name?
Stan Stinson
I don’t really expect a response from this one either.

UPDATE: I did receive a reply and you can see it here Unexpected Reply to Who is Sean Thomas?

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 9/21/2016

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