Unexpected Reply to “Who is Sean Thomas?”

If you read my last post Who is Sean Thomas? I ended it with the statement,

“I don’t really expect a response from this one either.”

I really didn’t but an unexpected reply was received last night. Since so many of you have read that post I assumed you would want to see this too. His response as well as mine, written this morning, are shown below. I don’t think any additional comments are needed.

UPDATE: Since the original post this story and blog was mentioned in a news story on WDHN on 9/28/16. You can see that story here Enterprise school superintendent’s contract set to end; concerned residents call for non-renewal

Response from Danny Tankersley – 9/21/16 – 10:40 PM


You’re right Stan, I did write the email.  What would you do if the person you loved was being personally attacked? I was upset and felt the need to do something to help her. The way Camille is being portrayed to the community via Facebook posts and during the Town Hall questioning by a small group of people is not who she is – she is completely devoted to her job and Enterprise City Schools. She had no idea I was sending this email and I chose to write it under an alias to protect her even more. I understand this decision was impulsive and draws my own character into question, please do not confuse that with hers. She is honest to a fault, this fact makes the false accusations recently brought up against her even more frustrating to me. 
I stand by what I said in the email, however, I should have used my real name and not claimed to be a parent in the school system. 
Danny Tankersley


My response – 9/22/16 – 10:12 AM



I wish it were that easy. I do give you credit for admitting what you did and it was wrong. That is something we see much too little of today. Usually it is “someone else’s fault. I wish I could take you at your word but since you did lie to me about who you were and lied about what I have done I cannot just turn your credibility with me back on that easily. I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove that is not warranted but you proved that not warranted before I could give you the benefit of the doubt. Other than this lapse in judgement you may be a fine upstanding man. I am willing to move forward from this point and see if that is true.

Regarding your comments your view is also obviously skewed by the source of your views being someone you care a lot about. I understand that but there is always another side of the story and you have no idea how bad the environment is in ECS. I would expect you to defend the person you love, but for that reason and the lapse in honesty previously mentioned I don’t assign much value to it. I assign more value to what I have heard ECS employees tell me of the last three years. Hearing similar stories from many different sources at many different times adds to the credibility of the stories. 

Regarding your email, it is hard for me to believe with all of the “collaborative work” promoted by Dr. Wright you did not have some collaboration on your email. It is obvious you received the accusations and opinions from her.

Regarding your definition of “small group of people” that is how it may seem but many took Lyn up on her offer for her to ask questions for them, school system employees, because they feared the repercussion Dr. Wright said doesn’t exist. She can say that doesn’t exist all day but actions speak so loudly we can’t hear what you are saying is the reality here. Speaking out about a repressive work environment and cronyism and complete disregard for other qualified professionals within the system are not personal attacks. They are stating some hard truths Dr. Wright probably doesn’t like hearing but it doesn’t change the fact they exist.

I will be sharing this response and your response below on my blog as a follow up to the one posted yesterday as well over 3500 people, at last count, have seen it and need to see the follow up.

I expect the board members, since they are all copied on this email thread, will weigh this episode along with other performance criteria and I hope, input from parents and the community, in regards to Dr. Wright’s contract renewal. The supposed “anonymous” survey sent out during her review process was not anonymous and cannot represent the true feelings of the ECS employees for the reasons mentioned above or the community. I hope it is not given more value in this process than it provides.

Stan Stinson


Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 9/22/2016

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  1. Connect the dots…follow the money. “Sean Thomas” worked in the San Francisco Bay Area until February of this year per Linkedin profile. Could this be related to a recent professional development trip where half the expenses were covered by a traveler? Any unfinished business to tend to in the Bay Area?

  2. Stan,
    I find Mr. Thomas’ (fka Danny Tankersley) email most unconvincing. Could he be unaware of her recent application for employment with a different school system? (Definaltely NOT a sign of devotion to her current position.) Her actions speak for her. Our school system and children deserve an HONEST and APPROACHABLE leader.

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