Letters to the School Board

Several concerned Enterprise parents and a former teacher have recently written the school board about the renewal of Dr. Wright’s contract and some of these have been shared on Facebook by Dr. Lyn Diefenderfer, including her own letter. For those of you who did not see them there or wanted to re-read them all together in one place I am sharing them here.

UPDATE: Since the original post this story and these letters were shared in a news story on WDHN on 9/28/16. You can see that story here Enterprise school superintendent’s contract set to end; concerned residents call for non-renewal

Regardless of what decision the board makes this time regarding the superintendent’s contract, not seeing people at board meetings and not knowing how the people feel will not be a valid excuse. I don’t think it was a valid excuse in 2013 when we were told that debacle was our fault but that is another story, documented in A City Divided if you are interested.

I hope this encourages and motivates others to share your experiences and input to the board as well. They need to hear from you. If you need the contact information you can find that here in School Board Meetings.

That is all for me. Here are the letters referenced.

Letter from Dr. Lyn Diefenderfer, MD




Picture 1 – Central Office Salaries 2010-2011


Picture 2 – Central Office Salaries 2014-2015


Picture 3 – Professional Development CA Travel Expenses


Picture 4 – Dr. Wright Absentee Record – 2014-2015


Letter from Dr. and Mrs. G. Alan Young



Letter from Yvone Ruiz, Former ECS Teacher


Keep writing, calling and showing up at the meetings!

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Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 9/27/16

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  1. You may consider having a look at the “fluff” positions and pay scale at the C.O. as of the year 2016 to see an even bigger jump in wasteful spending. Just because a position is paid for by a federal grant does not make it any less wasteful. You can cook the research all you want but there is no justification for hiring Instructional Partners to tell experienced teachers how to instruct (or not instruct) and new teachers should already have been indoctrinated with the latest theory in their school of education training.

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