Time for choosing…again

On November 8th the United States of America will once again choose its next President. Some have made this decision more complex than it really needs to be. I cannot and will not try to tell anyone who to vote for. I wouldn’t expect you to listen or keep reading if I did. I can, however, share some of my thoughts on the election and try to simplify the choice we will be making on Election Day.

Since I published this post I have read and seen a few more articles from others that shared the same theme but expressed it much better or more detailed than I did so I have included links to those at the end of this post.

Is the choice really that tough?

If you are an American citizen of voting age and are registered to vote you have a couple of decisions to make. Your first decision is whether you will vote or not. If that decision is yes then who your vote is cast for is the next decision. Neither are tough decisions at all to me.

Many distractions forthcoming

There will be many negative ads, WikiLeaks revelations, October surprises and other distractions between now and Election Day trying to tear down the other candidate from both campaigns. That is the ugly side of politics that doesn’t seem like it will ever go away and just gets worse with each passing election. That is also what keeps many who would be effective public servants from entering the political arena.

I don’t have a choice that matches my values

I am a conservative, Christian American and for me there is not a candidate remaining that matches my values. There really hasn’t been one of those since Dr. Ben Carson suspended his campaign in March. His values and common sense solutions more closely matched mine than any other candidate. I am encouraged to see he is still involved and providing counsel to Donald Trump.

Negatives all around

I consider most of the negative qualities of both candidates from their history to be a wash. I am not going to delve into the “which one is worst” argument here. There are plenty of other places where that is already being done.

They have both done things I would not and do not approve of ethically, morally and possibly legally.

They are both wealthy by any measure you want to use. Donald Trump built his wealth as a private citizen and a businessman. Hillary Clinton, if you believe her claims she was dead broke when she left the White House, has earned her fortune as a Senator and as Secretary of State and from the Clinton Foundation.

The choice we do not have

I agree with James Dobson when he said,

“I think it would be awesome to have a righteous leader, one that understood the intricacies of the economy, health care, defense, immigration, with great sensitivity to religious institutions, a heart for the poor, a vision for the future. If that leader was a praying person, formidable in the word of God and loved the local church, I would rejoice! I do not think that is the choice we will have in November.

The choice we do have

Donald Trump has run his campaign for President as an outsider vowing to go to Washington and shake up the Establishment or Washington Cartel that includes many from both major parties. He wants to return the power of the government to the people and put American first again.

There are members of both major parties who have opposed his candidacy from the beginning, which makes sense as the Washington Cartel includes members from both parties. This includes former Republican Presidents who have failed to support the nominee of their party and are supporting Hillary, whether they have said they are voting for her or not. They obviously do not want to see the Washington Cartel broken up. I believe they are more afraid of Donald Trump winning than losing. He defeated 16 primary opponents to win the Republican Party nomination for President in the most unconventional campaign I have ever witnessed.

It appears to me he is doing just what he said he would do.

Hillary Clinton has run her campaign for President as the ultimate Elitist Establishment political insider, as if she was owed the nomination because, by some tortured logic, it is her turn. It has been proven her party conspired against her opponent, Bernie Sanders, in the primaries. That, along with the super delegate process the Democrats set up so she would not lose again as she did in 2008, gave her the Democratic nomination. In other words, her nomination was rigged.

It appears to me she is doing just what an elitist establishment political insider would do.

Don’t expect campaign promises to become legislation

Whoever is elected will have to work with Congress or with the American people to avert the media and political filters to enact any of their campaign promises. The legislation enacted will likely look much different than the campaign talking points being repeated in campaign stump speeches. This is how it always works. The leader provides a vision, direction and framework and the details have to be worked through the legislative process.

The cronyism and special interest influence on this legislative process is what Donald Trump wants to change and the status quo Hillary Clinton wants to maintain.

That brings us to these choices 

  • Hillary Clinton if you are happy with the “hope & change” of the last eight years and the direction the country is headed and want the status quo, Washington Cartel and special interest power inside Washington D.C. to continue for at least four more years 
  • Donald Trump if you are not happy with the changes in the last eight years, don’t see any hope in that continuing for the next four years, don’t like the direction the country is headed and do want the Washington Cartel to be shaken up and power returned to “We the people” outside of Washington D.C.

Not the perfect pre-election blog

Well, after writing those words, I thought I had written the perfect pre-election blog. Then I saw a quote from Mike Pence that made me realize I had not written the perfect pre-election blog and I felt obliged to include that quote below. This may still not be the perfect pre-election blog but to borrow from another song, it is close enough to perfect” for me.

~ Mike Pence

I encourage you to evaluate your choice through that perspective when you step into the voting booth on November 8th. These candidates do represent two very different futures for America. The future on the ballot this year is not just for the next 4 years but the next 20-30 years with the judicial appointments that will be made on the Supreme Court as well as the lower Federal Courts.

Determine what that future is for you and then vote accordingly.

My choice

Neither choice is anywhere near perfect. It never is. I believe we can all agree on that. We have reached a new low this year.

However, I do want to see changes in the status quo and the power returned to We the People outside of Washington D.C. I do want to see America considered first in areas where prioritization, due to limited resources and security concerns, is needed. The only hope for any of that to happen is if Donald Trump is elected.

The future I want for myself, my children and for America does not include Hillary Clinton as President.

The decisions she will make as President will be detrimental to the future of America for generations. Even if Republicans do maintain control of Congress their history shows they will cave and support anything the Democrat in the White House wants to do. The campaigns of representatives and senators based on the “elect me now so I can stop Hillary after she is elected” theory are not plausible. That theory has been proven false too many times.

I pray the American people will see through all the political distractions and vote as your knowledge and conscious lead you, not on a side issue, but on the future you want to see for America. I know I will.

It is time for choosing again America.

My trust is not in government

Whatever happens one thing I know is true without a doubt. God is in charge, fully aware of what is going on and is not surprised by any of this. He has proven He can use anyone and in Him is where I place my hope and trust.

God has blessed America and my prayer is He will continue to do so in spite of the fact much of America has turned its back on Him. He has told us in His word that His ways are higher than our ways. This election may just be the latest manifestation of that truth.

God Bless the United States of America!

Flag of the United States of America
Flag of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on October 15, 2016

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