Between Heaven & Hollywood – A Review

img_20161024_031259244I was fortunate to be part of the Launch Team for Between Heaven & Hollywood by David A.R. White in exchange for my honest review and sharing it with others. My honest review is what follows.

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If you like biographies as I do and love to read and learn from someone else’s successes and failures on their life journey then Between Heaven & Hollywood by David A. R. White is a book you should add to your library. If you have a dream you have yet to realize then this is definitely a book for you. The sub-title is Chasing Your God-Given Dream.

Who is David A. R. White?

David is now managing partner of Pure Flix Entertainmentthe largest faith-based movie studio in the world. You might recognize him from some of his most recent work as Pastor Dave in the God’s Not Dead movies. He has starred in at least 25 films and produced 40 at last count.

I expect you will enjoy reading about how he made it from Dodge City, Kansas to Hollywood and how he has ‘made it’ after reaching Hollywood and remained true to his Christian principles. Even if you don’t “know” him he has that look of familiarity that makes you wonder, “Where have I seen him before?” Maybe it was on TV in Evening Shade in the early 1990’s with Burt Reynolds or in one of his other movies such as Revelation Road.

This is another one of those ‘years in the making’ overnight success stories. It may inspire you to pursue and chase and catch your God-given dreams which have nothing to do with Hollywood.

Some never achieve their dreams

However, he is very honest in stating you may be forced to accept the fact you may never realize your God-given dreams. He expands on five reasons some people never achieve their dreams.

  • Following their dream was harder than they thought
  • They suffer from indecision
  • They lack self-confidence
  • They are unwilling to adapt
  • They face spiritual conflict.

Writing tone is conversational

The tone of this book is not preachy at all as you might expect from the son of a preacher. It is as if you were having a conversation with David and he is sharing stories about his life and what he learned from them. HIs sense of humor as well as sense of purpose come through. He is very honest about the struggles he encountered on the way to his successes. When those struggles became failures he shares the lessons he learned from those failures. It is obvious they did not stop him from moving forward toward his dreams.

You will be entertained and learn something from this book and that is what I look for in the books I choose to read. It met both of those goals for me.

A few highlights from the book:

  • Why you should not have a Plan B and what to do when your Plan A doesn’t work.
  • Look at any calendar and you will notice that ‘someday’ is not a day at all.
  • Your dream is your ministry. The thing that burns in your heart and keeps you up at night is God’s calling on you.
  • While it’s encouraging to know God is the author of our dreams and that he wants us to succeed, we nevertheless must accept that many times and in many ways we get in the way of our own success.
  • Sometimes failure is an opportunity to respond with courage and faithful dependency as opposed to anger, despondency, or rebellion.

A few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“I hope when you face fear in whatever dark alley life has in store for you, you turn and run-right into the arms of God.”

“I believe God allowed me to experience failure because there were lessons I needed to learn that I could not have learned through success.”

Get your copy today!

How did the son of a Mennonite Minster from Kansas become a successful Hollywood actor, producer and director? See the role rock picking, garden weeding, wheat farming, Rocky III, Barney the Dinosaur, the school librarian, Walter Payton, and Burt Reynolds played in David’s journey. They are all there. It’s all inside and ready for you to discover.

You will see how David went Straight Into Compton dressed as Barney the Dinosaur and how taking a shortcut found him discussing Kangaroo sneakers with Walter Payton in a Chicago alley at 3:00 AM.

This just begins to scratch the surface on all of the stories and lessons learned you will experience while reading Between Heaven & Hollywood.

Make your purchase today. When it arrives you will be glad you did. Your dream might not include Hollywood but this book might just inspire you to chase your God-given dreams wherever that leads.

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 10/24/16.