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Anthem Observations

We kicked off our football season with two games last weekend, one high school and one college game. You can see more about those in m previous post Kickoff #34 if you are interested. We love football for its competitive and entertainment value but not for its politics. Regarding all the national anthem “protests” started last year in the NFL by Colin Kaepernick I made a couple of anthem observations in the games we watched and enjoyed.

Just so you know where I stand I believe not standing for the national anthem is an expression of disrespect for our flag and all those who have fought, bled and died for it. I believe it is un-American.

or sitting. There were no players on the field while the national anthem was being played. Hmm…

Does the NFL want the controversy to continue?

The NFL is a business, one of the largest and most successful businesses in the world. Why would any business do something they know is going to cause a distraction and lower revenues, if a simple change such as keeping the teams in the locker room until after the national anthem is played could avoid this?

Ratings and revenues decline likely to continue

There were many like myself, who did not watch the NFL at all last year and will likely do the same this year due to the NFL condoning and promoting this national disrespect by continuing to give it this national platform every week. I have already seen announcements by those such as Hank Aaron, who say they will not watch the NFL this year because of the way Colin Kaepernick has been treated by the NFL. With football fans on the both sides of this issue not watching this year the ratings and revenue declines experienced last year will likely continue.

As much as they want it to be, it is not about race

Just a note on the way Colin Kaepernick is being treated by the NFL. Why would any coach or team want to hire a player who is more interested in promoting his own personal political issues than he is being a team player and helping the team win? Distractions like this do more to keep a team divided than bring it together and teamwork is what makes the team successful. That is one of the major reasons he is not being hired. No team wants the divisive distraction he would bring with him.

As most things labeled as “racist” today Kaepernick’s unemployed status has nothing to do with race. He chose to opt out of his contract and become a free agent. When you do that nothing is guaranteed. His performance decline since the 2014 season is the primary reason he does not have a job. A better case for discrimination could have been made about the way Tim Tebow was treated by the NFL but that is another story.

On a lighter note…

On a lighter note, taking a knee, for very different reasons, is what fans and media reacted to in both Kaepernick and Tebow cases.

when it is not part of running out the clock at the end of the game? You could also say neither were not out standing in their field…but I digress.

Hiring Decisions

They look at talent and performance and make an assessment on whether the potential hire can do the job and do his or her part to help the team and business be successful. They also consider if the potential hire is a fit for the team and will be a team player or will be a divisive influence on the team. Both factors are hurting Kaepernick’s chances of landing a job. If either he or the NFL decided to remove the social/political distractions he might have a better chance landing a job. A team might be more likely to take a chance on his performance improving if he came without the distractions.

Simple solution but will it be implemented?

They can choose to eliminate the divisive distraction during the national anthem, as some colleges and high schools have done, or they can continue to support and promote this divisive distraction. The NFL fans pay their bills by buying expensive tickets and souvenirs and products the sponsors advertise.

or listen to their fans, eliminate the distractions and focus on their entertainment product, NFL Football, which they do very well? Time will tell. It is their choice.

That is how I see it anyway.

Until next time…

Originally publishes on Peculiar Perspective on August 31, 2017.