Kickoff #34

Football season has started!

This past weekend as part of our 33rd wedding anniversary, we went to two football games, a high school game and a college game. The games were both competitive and our teams won both so that made them competitive and enjoyable. We both love football. Sharin probably loves it more than I do. Spending time together with someone you love doing something you love makes for a fun weekend.

Our teams performed well enough to win but both should have no trouble in finding areas they need to work on and improve in practice this week. In first games of the season you do what you have to do in order to get a win, see how you perform against someone other than your own teammates and learn what you need to work on in practice next week. It is not uncommon to see a team make their biggest improvements of the season between games 1 and game 2 of a season. We’ll see if that is the case this year.

We saw the Enterprise Wildcats defeat their biggest rival Dothan Tigers 24-17 on Friday night and then the JSU Gamecocks defeat one of their biggest rivals UT Chattanooga 27-13 in the Inaugural Guardian FCS Kickoff Classic.

Watching the Enterprise Wildcats defeat its biggest rival, Dothan, 24-17.
The Jumbotron Era begins for the Enterprise Wildcats.
The EHS Big Blue Band in its 2017 Friday Night Lights 1st performance.
Watching JSU beat UTC in the Inaugural Guardian FCS Kickoff Classic
The JSU Marching Southerners make their 2017 debut at halftime of the FCS Kickoff Classic
No JSU game is complete without “I’ll Fly Away” (Click picture to see video)


What you didn’t see on the ESPN broadcast

The JSU-UTC game was on ESPN but one of my favorite parts of the experience happened when the TV cameras were not rolling. During the 4th quarter JSU had just made an interception and the officials were reviewing the play to confirm the call on the field. During that TV break an American flag appeared on the jumbotron screen and then they started playing “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood, one of my favorites and, apparently, many others too. During the chorus the entire crowd sang along and held up their cell phones with the flashlight on, what used to be done with cigarette lighters for encores at concerts.

as we sang during the chorus. It restored hope, if only for a few minutes, that, the entire nation is not as portrayed on TV, and are proud to be Americans. When the song was done the PA announcer recognized and thanked all military and first responders for their service. I am glad we were there to experience it.

One more season opener coming up this week

We are looking forward to another season opener this Saturday night when Alabama meets Florida State in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic. That should be a good one too. Even though we lived in Tallahassee for 9 years and have many friends and good memories of that time in our lives, our team has always been and will always be Alabama so that is where our loyalties lie.

I hope your weekend was fun too. We had a blast and are now ready for the rest of the season and we have officially kicked off year #34 for us too. See what I did there?

Roll Tide!
Go Gamecocks!
Go Wildcats!

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on August 27, 2017.