The Book of Mistakes – And Lessons Learned

Present Day

David is worried about his job and his life in general. He has just been given a warning by his new boss about actions he was falsely accused of by this same boss. On his way home, he found a note he thought he would return to the young woman he had bumped into that morning. He had helped her gather several similar pages scattered by the wind. However, after reading the note, an invitation to a meeting, he decided to attend this meeting himself and hoped to see the young woman with the contagious laughter and twinkle in her eye again too. Little did he know the note was really intended for him and would be the beginning of the journey he was about to make to learn the nine secrets of the most successful people today.

American Colonies, 1771

Aria, about to turn 18 years old, was on a mission from her Uncle Raymond, who is on the verge of death. She was to retrieve an ancient manuscript from the only home she had ever known. This is the home where her uncle had taken her in and raised her after her parents had died. After retrieving the manuscript, she was to burn the house down to give the impression the manuscript had been lost in the fire. He had told her others would be trying to find the manuscript and there were others there that night, including Alexander. Why was Alexander there?

The Journey Begins

And so it begins. These stories are masterfully intertwined throughout The Book of Mistakes by Chip Prichard, which is available for your consumption now. I have have had the pleasure of being part of the book launch team and recently finished reading it for the second time myself.

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Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on February 6, 2018.