Three little dots …

I recently wrote about how you could save time by being smarter than your smartphone in 2 Simple Smartphone Hacks to enhance your productivity & your life. In this post, for those of you who use Facebook, I focus in on how I save time while browsing my Facebook newsfeed. I think these tips can help you too.

Three Little Dots …

Do you know what is available there? This is not a comprehensive list of everything you can do with those 3 little dots, just a few ways I use this feature to help me save time. Maybe it can help you save some time too.

Turn off notifications for a post

Do you know how to stop those notifications? You right-click on the 3 dots at the top right of the post and you will probably see “Turn off notifications for this post”. If you click on this, voila! You will no longer receive notifications unless someone reacts to or comments on your specific post. You will still get those notifications.

If you do have the application notifications turned off as I suggested in the previous post mentioned above these will not interrupt your day anyway. However, they would be there when you opened Facebook to check your feed. If the post notifications are turned off you will not see X number of post notifications for others commenting on the same post but only notifications for people reacting to or commenting on your comment.


Sometimes, depending on if you made your comment on your phone and are now looking at the post on another device like your PC or tablet you might see “Turn on notifications for this post”. If this is the case then you just need to click to turn on notifications and then click again to turn them off.

Save link, video, post, watchlist

The other option I use a lot when I am just browsing my news feed is the “Save Link” or “Save Video” or “Save Post” or “Save to watchlist” options. The option you see depends on the type of post. If you see a post, link or video you want to go back to and read or a video you want to watch later, just click this link.


This will save the items so you can find them and read or watch them later. On the desktop version you see on your PC they are in the left column under “Explore” and “Saved”. You can see I am behind on my saved items a little bit.

If you are on your phone there are 3 bars on the right top of your screen – at least there are on mine – highlighted in the picture below.

If you select those you will see what you see on the leftmost column on the desktop or PC version. On my phone, it looks like the picture below.


Facebook now has a Collections feature designed to help you organize your saved items so you can find them later when you really need them.

As you can see I have just started using this feature and created a collection for Funny Stuff and Hacks, Tips, Tricks, Home Remedies. As your saved items grow this will help you, hopefully, enhance your retrieval process.

All of this may be nothing new to some of you but I hope to some it has been helpful and allows you to make better use of your time and not get sucked into the social media black hole that consumes way too much of our time today.

If anyone knows how to do something similar with Twitter please let me know. I haven’t found it, yet.

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 4/29/2018.