Take with food?

As the title of my blog states I often see things from a different angle than most and have a somewhat peculiar perspective. My family is well aware of this character trait or flaw; however you want to categorize it, so this will be nothing new to them. For the rest of you, welcome to my world.

I was reading the instructions on a medication label this morning and saw an instruction I have seen many times before, “Take with food.” I have often wondered exactly what that means.

I often take the literal interpretation as my career in computer programming requires. In programming a computer you have to tell it exactly what to do. You have to be specific and cannot generalize. That might explain my odd take on many things since they are not written in a manner that would work with computers.

Does “take with food” mean what it says? TakeWithFoodShould you put the medication in your next spoonful of cereal or mashed potatoes and really take it with the food? My man’s intuition, if there is such a thing, tells me that is not the intent but it probably would work.

Does “take with food” mean you should take it before you eat or could it mean you should take it after you eat or just at some point during your meal or snack? I have tried all of these options and none appear to be any more or less effective that I can tell.

The instruction is not clear to me. It does not compute.

What does it mean to you?

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