My happiness is not dependent on who wins elections

Happy Wednesday!

Well, it is the day after the election, and the sun did come up, although its view is currently hidden by clouds. To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh from his 1992 book, “The Way Things Ought To Be,”

My happiness comes from many things not related to elections, most importantly, a God who loves me, peace of mind knowing my future is secure, a family who loves me most of the time, good relationships with my extended family and friends, good health, and a job that helps me support my family. Less importantly in the grand scheme of things but things that I still enjoy include seeing Last Man Standing again on Friday nights, new episodes of Seal Team and Criminal Minds are on tonight, and Alabama plays football again Saturday, and they are playing pretty well.

Would I have liked more Republicans to win last night? Of course but that was out of my control. All those I voted for in Alabama did win this time I think, but that is rare too. Historically speaking it was a good night for the current administration. Republicans have proven over and over they cannot lead and get things done even when in power.

The next two years will be interesting and possibly exciting.

President Trump is a deal maker so I expect he will make some offers not all on either side will like to get those deals done.

Nancy Pelosi says she wants to work together to get things done. I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I have been around long enough to know that her definition of “working together” or bipartisanship is you agree with everything she wants to do, or you are not working together. I don’t expect anything new there.

For the Establishment, they will have a replacement for John McCain and Jeff Flake in the Senate in Senator Mitt Romney from Utah.

So there was something most everyone can be happy about from yesterday’s elections but, as normal, no one got everything they wanted.

Elections do not change me

I will still support the same people, ideas and issues as I did yesterday. My principles have not changed.

I will continue to Remember Everyone Deployed and support our military. I will Back the Thin Blue Line and First Responders. I will never forget Benghazi as it reminds me to what extent politicians will go to hold on to power. I oppose illegal immigration and support legal immigration and enforcing our borders and our sovereignty as a nation. I support our Constitution and a Supreme Court and judiciary system that will interpret the Constitution and not legislate from the bench. I enthusiastically support the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness our Declaration of Independence delineates when it says,

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

Elections never end

It’s a new day America, and now the next election cycle begins. Sadly, most actions taken in the next two years by all those just elected or re-elected will be about that next election instead of what is best for the people they were elected to serve. My prayer each day is God will give them the discernment and the motivation to make decisions in the best interest of those they serve instead of their self-interests.

Happy Wednesday!

God Bless these United States of America!

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 11/07/2018

Maybe you shouldn’t vote

Voting (Photo credit: League of Women Voters of California)

There has been much discussion about requiring a photo ID in order to verify your identity before you are allowed to cast a vote in an election. If you have been paying attention at least a little bit over the last several years you are aware of this. If not, then maybe you should be paying more attention. Alabama has instituted this requirement as law and it will be enforced during the next election coming up in a couple of months.

Many who oppose this law or requirement use the empty argument that this somehow discriminates against the poor or minorities. As a member of the white male Caucasian minority I do not see any discrimination in this requirement whatsoever. It should have been a requirement from day one in my opinion.

I suppose by this logic it is also discrimination to require a driver’s license to be able to operate a motor vehicle so we should do away with those. It is also a requirement to be able to board a plane so that is discrimination too.

Where is the outrage?

Where are the outcries for these obvious discriminations? You don’t hear any outcry for these because they do not directly relate to votes which either put people in power or keep them in power. Think about it. Is there any other logical reason that explains this claim? If so, please do let me know in the comments. I am always looking to learn something new and this would be a revelation for me.

Popularity Contest

Most people do not do the necessary research or homework about candidates or issues to be able to make an informed decision when they enter the voting booth. The sad fact is most people vote base on popularity, or how a candidate looks, or a particular party because they have always voted for that party, or the yard sign or billboard they see every day on the way to work, or what a candidate “promised” to give them – “A chicken in every pot.” That is one reason our country does not have the best leaders we could have. We do have what we deserve because of our actions or inactions or laziness in exercising our voting privilege.

We need more requirements, not less

I believe the requirements to vote and select those who make decisions that affect us all should be much more involved to show the person casting a vote at least has some knowledge of the current issues and candidates. I know this will never be enacted, based on the silly arguments and uproar over a simple photo ID, but it would produce a more informed electorate and that would, in turn, provide much more competent leaders and better decisions on the issues that come before them.

This is a test…a test to see if you are paying attention

Why not have 5-15 questions at the top of every ballot that would have to be answered correctly for the ballot to be counted? These questions could be checked by the voting machines and if not correct then that ballot would just be discarded.

The questions could be as simple as:

  1. Who is the current President of the United States?
  2. Who is the current Vice-President of the United States?

  3. Who is the Speaker of the House in the U.S. House of Representatives?

  4. Who is the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate?

  5. Name one Supreme Court Justice.

  6. Name one of the U.S. Senators representing your state.

  7. Name your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

  8. Name one of your City Councilmen.

  9. Name one of your County Commissioners.

  10. Name one of your school board members.

  11. Name your mayor.

  12. Name your state senator.

  13. Name your state representative.

  14. How many U.S. Senators are there in Congress?

  15. How many state are there in the U.S.?

How would you fare if you had to answer these questions? You might be surprised at how many could not answer any of these questions correctly, yet they still vote.

It might not be easy at first but if you knew you were going to have these questions you would likely do a little homework before you headed to your local polling place, or choose to not go at all. That would be the purpose.

If you don’t care, don’t bother

If you don’t care enough to learn about the candidates and issues before you vote you should not abuse your voting privilege by casting an ignorant vote. This is where the term low-information voter came from. If low-information voters are electing our elected officials then there should be no surprise if poor or self-serving decisions are made more often than not.

These are just examples that could be used. The voter could be required to get a passing grade, 70%, or could be required to get them all correct for their ballot to be valid and counted. As I said before, I know this is not likely to ever happen.

That does not mean it should never happen. This would help eliminate the instances of people voting multiple times in the same election or votes being cast by people who are no longer living, most recently reported in North Carolina regarding the 2012 general election.

My Hope For the Future

My hope in writing this is that anyone who reads it will not be a low-information voter in the future. If you were in the past there is nothing that can be done about that. However, if you start today and take your voting privilege seriously enough to do your homework, learn about the candidates and issues that will be on the ballot, your future votes will be informed votes and that will be better for everyone.

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 04/04/2014

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